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Hotel SA is the leading trade publication for South Australia’s hospitality industry.


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SA hotels spend over a billion dollars annually.  Hotel SA is the official magazine of the AHA|SA - mailed by name to owners, managers and decision makers. A glossy, high quality magazine. Advertisers include wineries, technology, food, beverage, furniture, builders, equipment, signage, gaming, legal, accounting, architects, solar and energy.

For 142 years, the powerful AHA|SA has served South Australian hotels, bars, remote Outback pubs, small city taverns, even smaller country hotels, family enterprises, corporate interests, tourism and accommodation specialists, motels, and restaurants, entertainment and sporting operators and many not-for-profits.

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Printed bi-monthly in full colour, the magazine has a controlled circulation of 2,000. It is distributed via mail to AHA Members, club owners, motels, architects, builders and interior designers, breweries and wineries, and the top 100 restaurateurs in SA. 

Hotel SA advertisers reach pubs and accommodation hotels with the following demographics:

$2.4 billion+ in annual retail sales
26,250 employees in South Australia
$532 million annual payroll

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"There is nothing like having the owner personally looking after your product. Not only do we get the benefit of the depth of resources the company has to offer, we also get a personal commitment."

Ian Horne, General Manager, Australian Hotels Association (SA)
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Magazine, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Print Advertising