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Mighty Craft, mighty impressive! Stunning design, awesome user experience.

Brand Showcase: Mighty Craft

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Mighty Craft is an ASX-listed company that is making a huge impression in the craft spirits, RTD and beer markets.

It has raced to an $86 million market cap, a national footprint and aims to build the world's strongest craft beverage collective.

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects

Based on its work with Kangaroo Island Spirits, Mighty Craft asked Boylen to redesign and redevelop its website.

Three aspects were critical for the build:

1.Stunning design

2.An ideal user pathway for potential investors that would tell the MC story and lead to the investor centre.

3.Deadline. We had just over a month – and the company added a swag of new brands during the process, which added to the workload.

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects


MC’s master brand encompasses many sub-brands that are sometimes elegant, often edgy, always playful and undeniably premium.

Boylen’s design drew on the company’s “challenger” brand positioning and presents an authentic reflection of the “craft” nature of the individual brands

It’s a fine balance between casual and corporate.

It achieves the goal of showcasing all brands in a consistent way, without detracting from their unique depiction.


In a nutshell, the fast-track process went like this: Mighty Craft provided the company’s style guide, direction and new “voice”. Boylen then created a variety of concepts.

You’ll notice the clever use of MC’s distinctive “bubbles” and iconography. Our design team also came up with creative ways to use colour, space, patterns and the hand-drawn style of illustrations to make this a design masterpiece.

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects

User Experience

Boylen set out to highlight a user experience that clearly articulates Mighty Craft’s compelling investment story.

In bringing Mighty Craft’s new digital presence to life, the intent is to keep users engaged, tell the MC story and move users to the investor centre.

The mobile-responsive site was optimised to make information easily accessible, presenting content in a way that inspires confidence and leads to conversion.

The challenge was how to present MC’s myriad of brands, without distracting users from investor goal.

Part of the solution is a custom design that is clean, vibrant and visually engaging.

The information architecture then takes potential investors on a journey through the company and its brands, leading to the richly populated investor centre.

The Execution

Boylen was able to provide MC with a highly designed digital presence with user-centric navigational choices.

The strong relationship between Mighty Craft and Boylen was quickly formed as we raced the clock to achieve a jaw-dropping deadline of just over four weeks.

We made it. We’re proud of it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do:


The site was built on WordPress, with high level hosting to meet ASX security standards.

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects

We set ourselves the goal of taking the Mighty Craft branding and presenting it in a way that leapt of the page. Not only did we aim to capture the essence of Mighty Craft, we wanted to make sure that each brand was represented in a professional but authentic way.

Despite the deadline pressure, it was a remarkably smooth process. Once our designers had set the world on fire, the development phase went through just as quickly. We found ways to innovate the brand onboarding process to make ongoing management easy. We also ensured that we focused heavily on the realms of user experience, modern design, accessibility, and security.

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