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If you want to reach tourism operators, The View is the perfect advertising vehicle.

The View

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In 2020, the tourism industry faces many challenges, from bushfires to Covid-19 shutdowns. The View helps tourism operators stay connected, tells the unique stories of industry members, makes sense of government policy and provides forensic analysis of the issues that matter.

Whether you are located in a city or in regional areas, you will find content relevant to your situation in every issue.

Boylen Projects

Boylen launched The View "from scratch", setting a clear editorial direction and high quality layouts.

The View's content goes behind the news headlines to analyse what the story means for industry operators. Whether it is a change in government policy, innovation or a debate about emerging markets and the disparity between regulations, The View can be relied on to provide incisive comment.

The magazine comes alive with a “storytelling” approach to selected stories. The editorial mix also includes critical messages that need to be heard, especially in a time of crisis such as Covid-19. Key events and industry updates all contribute to a well-balanced, thoughful magazine.

The success of The View relies heavily on beautiful photographic spreads to draw in the reader and hold them on the page. This also makes it a great showcase for premium advertising.


Boylen Projects

Relevant content. Industry analysis. Debate. Real people and authentic stories. You'll find it all in The View.

We'd love to work with you and your team.

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