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Take Action to Survive and Prosper

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Some actions can’t wait until Covid-19 ends. 

  • Do you need an eCommerce solution?
  • Is your online advertising expensive – and ineffective?
  •  Would your budget benefit from a review of hosting costs?
  • Or like some of our clients, you see an opportunity - and know that acting decisively is crucial to gaining an advantage.

What Boylen can offer you


 There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing during a pandemic.

In response to Covid-19, Boylen now offers a range of flexible options, even if your finances are under pressure.

The key thing is to take action. It won’t cost a cent.


Payment Options

For a period of time as you trade through the pandemic, you may need a staged approach to payments for the work we undertake. At Boylen, we “get” that. Business conditions are tough for many sectors (but not all, thankfully). Talk with us about your needs and your situation. We can come up with options and we’ll be as flexible as possible. 


More Support, Not Less

Our online Help Desk is based in Adelaide. Our electronic portal and friendly staff are available in your time of need. From lost passwords to software integrations and other technical issues, our experienced staff are close by, despite the lockdown.  


We’ve Been Busy

Our digital team has delivered some top-class projects as a direct response to Covid-19. Here are three examples to provide you with some inspiration:

1. Kangaroo Island Spirits: Spearheaded an email and social campaigns to grow website sales by 140% while the cellar door was closed. 

2. Catholic Education SA: We build an online learning platform with hundreds of resources for students, all within two weeks. 

3. Telemall: Assisted in the creation of a free voice announcement media services for businesses requiring a COVID-19 audio message library. 


We Have People You Can Talk To (For Free)

These are difficult times. CEOs, marketing managers, HR and IT teams … we know you are under incredible pressure. We see our job as helping to alleviate that stress.

When we put our minds together, we rarely fail to find pathways forward that are cost-effective, offer quality and value, and provide a strong return on your investment.

Thanks to the fact that some of our export clients require a global service, we have worked with remote teams for more than a decade. Zoom, Skype and Slack are like old friends.  So, if you need advice, we’re here. Whether you live in Adelaide, Norwood, Nuriootpa or Mt Gambier, there’s no charge to speak with one of our subject specialists.

It’s free and you’ll find us friendly.


We Don’t Employ Digital Salespeople

When you speak to one of our team about a project, you will speak with a project manager, a designer or someone with tech skills. We no longer employ digital sales staff because we’ve found that projects always work better if they are scoped out by someone who is “on the tools”. That makes us pretty low pressure.

It also means you speak to people who will stay with you during your journey, or direct with subject specialists if you have specific technical questions.

What you can do for your business

How Do You Kickstart Growth During Lockdowns?

The best answer we can give is: “Make digital work for you.” It’s immediate and measurable. It’s also highly flexible; you can track your results and make changes within minutes. Get a clear focus. Keep it as simple as possible so you can execute quickly. Measure, review and respond to what the data is telling you.

If you can’t decide on a strategy, get help. If you can’t read digital reports (analytics), get help. If you think you can’t afford it, adopt a start-up’s lean attitude and bootstrap your marketing.


Part One: What’s Changed?

You know that markets have changed as a result of the pandemic, some more than others. At times like this, being able to calculate your ROI is more important than ever. For example, Adidas has reported a sharp decline in sales - but the saving grace is that its ecommerce sales rose 55 per cent in March as lockdowns came into effect.

We work with quite a few hotels that are using their bottle shops, food vans and “window shops” to open up new revenue streams. Some have adopted home delivery. We’ve made them aware that searches related to "delivery" rose more than 600% in April. However, so too did the competition to rank well for this search term, so having a sophisticated understanding of online marketing is more important than ever before. (Hint: think Local Search.)

Now is not the time to “wing it” because you will burn cash unnecessarily. Now is the time to “nail it” with specific, targeted and measurable campaigns.


Part Two: What Hasn’t Changed

Integrated marketing campaigns are as important as ever. Regular website updates, online ordering, social media and digital advertising all play their part. So, too, does physical signage to catch passing traffic (which is slowly increasing). You probably need to change the message – but don’t neglect “old media” advertising, because it still works.

Another thing that hasn’t changed is your return on investment. At times like this, being able to calculate your ROI is more important than ever.


Be Authentic

If you are undertaking SEO or online advertising, it’s essential to know that search has changed at a level that is deeper than most statistics can show. Google reports that in searches from March 10–15, “the average number of videos with “at home” in the title increased by more than 50% around the world compared to the previous period.” This is more than just a search term. It is more than just a reality for people. It is part of this audience’s psyche and you need authentic content to resonate with them, or they will move on.

If you have questions, let us know. Call us on 8233 9433 or contact us online.


Communicate But Don’t Bombard

Without physical interaction, you need to find new ways to maintain communications with all of your key stakeholders: clients, partners, suppliers and staff.

It’s no surprise that email marketing is booming. While this is a service we offer, our advice is to use it strategically. Target your audience, tailor your message to each interest group – and don’t drive them crazy with emails just because you suddenly have the time to write them.

When you work with quality content and targeting, less is more. And if you find that people can’t wait to get your next email, day after day, then you should be moving to a blog or social media platform with a clear strategy on how to monetise your Kardashian-style success.


Can “Remote” and “Rapid Delivery” Co-exist?

In the week starting March 24th, we delivered a major online education project in seven days … without a single face-to-face meeting.

We have half a dozen digital tools that allow us to communicate and orchestrate projects across multiple locations and many people.  Our main project management tool tracks and archives everything of importance in one cloud-based location. These tools work as sweetly on mobile as they do on your laptop. So if you need a rapid response, we have the depth of personnel to be able to deliver where small teams can’t.

(Twenty-nine years ago, our business started in the “old media”, which was driven by deadlines. The mediums have changed – we’re predominantly digital today – but our love of celebrating a project that hits its deadline has never diminished.)


Charity Still Matters

We’re proud South Australians. We’re even prouder that we – our Adelaide and regional communities - have managed to keep Covid-19 in check by being good citizens. But life has become a lot tougher for the socially and economically disadvantaged. Yes, we all have less but we still need to share what we can.

The Boylen team has made a very conscious decision to take on a new charity even though it might not be the smartest business decision for economic rationalists. At the moment we are assisting a non-profit that helps people who are especially vulnerable during the pandemic. More on that as we get close to launch.

If you can make a difference, we urge you to “say yes”.


Fast Projects Need Ready Resources

Work from home doesn’t have to mean that key marketing projects have to be put on ice. When you are ready to go, rest assured that Boylen has the resources on standby to swing into action. We have a large in-house team (working from home), as well as a team of freelancers that have worked with us for years. They are trusted, meet our quality standards and know our processes, so we can scale up for a major project at very short notice.


How To Market In A Downturn

After 29 years in business, we are experienced in marketing during downturns. We’ve worked through the GFC and several recessions, so we have the hard-won experience to provide sound advice. For example, when you have fewer staff, your website must work harder. That might mean:

  • moving tasks online and automating them (eg. warranties, refunds, the use of chatbots for questions etc)
  • integrating with key back-office systems
  • improving user journeys so customers find what they need without staff assistance

Nobody wants to cut jobs – but if you have to reduce your wage expenses to survive, then in the long run it means your organisation survives and people stay gainfully employed.

It’s been a real pleasure to work with organisations that have had “near-death experiences” and gone on to new heights.

It’s tough … but it’s not impossible.

We'd love to work with you and your team.

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