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Are You Doing The Basics To Optimise Your Online Marketing?

    Nine out of ten people in Australia prefer using Google rather than Bing and other search engines.

    This is not merely a number but a huge opportunity to track potential customers and use the information to improve your online strategy.

    Here’s how:

    I. Google Analytics

    You want to know how potential customers behave on your site and how many of them came to you, don’t you?

    Google Analytics provides this information for free and is easy to install.

    • Login here with your Gmail account.
    • Get your tracking code through the admin panel (admin > account > create new account)
    • Fill in the required details and click on ‘get tracking ID’
    • Paste the tracking on your website HTML header before </head> line.
    • Save and you’re done.

    II. Webmaster Tools

    Also free, it allows you to see your website as Google sees it. Webmaster Tools provides insights such as how many pages have been indexed on your site, what links are pointing to it, a list of most popular keywords and much more.

    • Sign-in here using your Gmail account.
    • Once signed in, you’ll be able to add your website address through the “Add a Site” button.
    • There are 4 different methods of validating your website. This includes uploading an HTML to the root server, adding a meta-tag to the homepage, linking to Google Analytics and using DNS.
    • Follow this link for detailed instructions on each method.

    III. Crucial Updates

    Google’s aim is to improve search results by not only showing pages that are keyword relevant but through understanding user intent beyond these searches. They’ve gone a long way penalising spammy SEO practices and rewarding content that matches a searcher’s intent.

    ‘Small’ may be a positive feature for a mobile phone, while ‘Small’ for a restaurant review may indicate small serving with a negative connotation.

    Check out these great reads to get started:

    IV. Places and Maps

    Google Places and a properly positioned map is one local listing you don’t want to miss. Having a solid profile is a great way to position your company as a leader in your business within a particular location.

    • Start here by using your Gmail account.
    • Search for any existing listing of your business.
    • Create a new listing or claim an existing one.
    • Verify and claim your listing via phone or postcard (phone verification is recommended).

    V. Authorship

    When it comes to creating great content, it really does matter who you are because it helps build trust and credibility among your audience.

    Authorship helps boost Click-Through Rates (CTR) while giving your content a better chance of ranking on relevant keywords.

    VI. Reviews

    Your customers rely on reviews before making a purchase by ‘Googling’ your business. Responding and addressing every one of them improves your brand’s reputation with Google and your potential customers.

    You can get in touch here if you need help with SEO and implementing these Google properties.

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