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Website design Adelaide

Boylen is a leading Adelaide web design, SEO and graphic design agency. 

We believe trust is critical when making digital decisions, so here are a few facts to help with your decision making:

  • We've had a 5-star rating on Google reviews for 10 years, offer a warranty on work and guarantee deadlines.
  • In early 2023, Boylen was named as one of the top 20 web design and SEO agencies in Australia by the global ratings firm, TechBehemoth!
  • We are the only SA firm accepted into the global partner program of WP Engine, which has customers in over 150 countries.

Our list of clients - both large and small - speaks to our quality and creative standards. And not only have we been in business for 30 years, we're South Australian locals so you can visit us in our Adelaide office.

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New advice page: what makes a great logo?

New blog: Tips on maximising graphic design feedback loops

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Website Design Case Study

Website Design Case Study

Web design, brand strategy, user experience design, web hosting and ongoing digital advisory service for Minelab, a Top 100 Adelaide business. Powerful Find A Dealer functionality filtered by the user’s location. ...
Digital, Social Media, SEO, API Integration, App
Logo Design

Logo Design

Our Adelaide graphic design studio helped create this beautiful logo design Adelaide startup, Spirits of Australia Carpe Diem, needed to launch its brand.
Digital, Branding, Graphic Design
Seeley International

Seeley International

A fully responsive WordPress solution for Seeley, one of South Australia's largest private exporters. Improved site architecure, design aesthetic and user experience.
Digital, SEO, API Integration
Web Design For Immanuel College

Web Design For Immanuel College

Widely regarded as one of Adelaide's best designed college websites, the Immanuel College site combines imagery, typography and colour palettes, with clear navigation, SEO and conversion points.
Digital, Copywriting, SEO, API Integration
Brand Showcase: Mighty Craft

Brand Showcase: Mighty Craft

Ecommerce, brand story-telling and fully responsive web design for Mighty Craft! Stunning designs, awesome user experience.
Digital, Digital Advertising, Ecommerce
Top Web Design Company in Australia
Top SEO Company in Australia

Adelaide website design and development FAQs

How do you blend "web design" with "tech"?

Part of the “Boylen experience” is the chance to team up with our inspired creatives.

Our website design, branding and creative team sharing the same office space as our tech staff is.
Boylen’s web design experts talk the language of imagery, visual hierarchy and the importance of white space. Code is replaced by colour palettes.  Threads and tokens are trumped by typefaces and textures.

It is where strategy loses its hard edge and visual concepts emerge. 

So, do you need to stand out? To connect with customers? Breathe new life into a tired brand?

From inspirational home pages to ad campaigns and sales brochures, we have the experienced web design staff at hand. And we’d love to help!

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What are the guidelines for successful web design projects?

Never lose sight of the fact that a website design project should be enjoyable.

We’re obviously biased because we choose to be web designers for a career. And while we know there's a lot to think about for large and complex sites, don't lose sight of the fact that this is a creative process. You’re allowed to have some creative fun to achieve an outstanding result.

Also remember that creativity is directly linked to business outcomes. It’s been proven countless times. Software leader Adobe found that approximately 60% of people will choose a beautifully designed website, over a dull site. Another often cited statistic is that 94% of users’ first impressions of your company - via your website – are design related.

One more stat: Goodfirms reports that four out of ten people will leave your site because of outdated design. 40% is not a chunk of customers that you want to turn away when better website development is so achievable.

The Blueprint For Complex Web Projects
The bigger your website and the more complex it is, the more important it is to break down the planning into distinct stages. For example, you can develop separate plans for:

  • sitemap and navigation 
  • content 
  • imagery, including video, custom designed graphics and infograhics
  • search engine optimisation
  • ecommerce requirements
  • etc.

Another area worth its own segment is web design for small screens. In 2023, perfect web design for mobile phones will be even more important than ever before. So as you prepare for your next web design or redesign venture, have you thought about the critical elements that you need to include in your small screen composition? Think of the messages that are absolutely critical for your organisation and then work from there.

Like any business project, it’s best to have one easily accessible location to keep all of your assets. It may seem old fashioned but having a series of folders that are clearly labelled is the best way to go.

That way, everyone on your website design and development project understands where the files are and can identify them easily by the file name.

Make sure that all components are simple to transfer. There are many solutions on the market and you should discuss it with your web designer, who may be able to suggest the best solution based on their experience. At Boylen, we are very flexible, provided it’s secure. We’ve shared documents via Dropbox, Google and many other methods. 

Simple Website Construction
Of course, if you are just looking to build a simple website of three to five pages, there is no need to over-engineer the process. We’ve worked with clients who have drawn a simple sitemap and shown it to us. For a small site, that’s totally fine!

They’ve emailed us a few Word documents, their logo and a handful of photos they’ve had taken - and asked us to do the rest.  Sometimes we have clients that don’t have photos, so we either arrange an entry-level photo shoot or use stock images. The message here is that if you are time and resource poor, don’t let that stop you from moving forward. We can do all of the heavy listing for you. 

In our experience, the best thing you can do is jump on a phone call. There’s never an obligation and most design companies are happy to have a chat about what it is you're trying to achieve and provide advice. You also get a chance to assess whether or not the designers are people you can work with.

Final Word
As a final piece of advice, the best course of action for many companies is to just get started!

We speak with too many companies that have continually found reasons to delay their website redevelopment because they are too busy elsewhere. Then, when they launch their site, they are left wondering why they didn't glue a website redesign on their priority list so much sooner.

Further Reading

How targetted graphic design is a smart business strategy

Graphic design has many benefits

Web design and typography

Choosing the correct font, its sizing and spacing, can make all the difference when engaging in typography centric web design.

Get it right and typography design flies! Nike is a famous example.

Some companies have the resources to develop their own, totally unique typeface. Standard Chartered teamed up with Lippincott and won a swag of gongs at the Transform Awards Asia, including "Best Use Of Typography". The new brand identity also took out the "Grand Prix".

Why go to this expense? Big brands make this investment because it helps them stand out in crowded markets.

But most web design doesn't have the funds to work at that scale. That means relying on off the shelf type and working creative magic with it.  If you're doing your own research, a few we suggest you look at include:

Web design and typography

Most of what you read online about type and website design relates to "text". It's concerned, primarily, with legibility.

But the potential of fonts bringing web design to life is unlimited - and incredibly powerful for brands.

Esteemed designer and design critic, Michael Bierut, once declared: “Good typography, first, makes words readable. At its best, it does something more: it helps express the animating spirit of the ideas behind the words.”

What he is referring to, we believe, is the intersection where brand personality meets type in a perfect union. The person who is unaware of a company can ascertain the character of the organisation by the choice of their typeface alone.

By the way, he's the designer that wrote the epic book of case studies with an equally epic title: “How to use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, make people cry, and (every once in a while) change the world."


Choosing a high quality web development company in Adelaide

Are you looking for a website development professional in Adelaide? 

There are many web dev companies in any city (including Adelaide). Each company has its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to choose a company that will be able to meet your specific needs. 

As a professional web developer, I can tell you that there are certain things you need to be aware of.

First and foremost, your site should be easy to use and navigate. Secondly, your site should be visually appealing. And last but not least, your site should be responsive, meaning it works well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Web development companies that fail to properly assess client needs can often be identified because they have few Google reviews, poor star ratings and negative comments. As a customer, you need to watch out for these red flags that something’s not right.

A pretty site that has been built on poor foundations is just like a poorly built house – it’s going to cost you years of grief. Look out for a company that can demonstrate they have a deep understanding of both the front-end and back-end of web development.

The back end, or server-side, of a website consists of the behind-the-scenes functionality that makes the site run smoothly. It is essential for creating the functionality and data processing that powers web applications. Skilled back-end developers are in high demand.

If you are considering investing in website development and design, check out each company’s portfolio of past work. It will give you an idea of whether they use “cookie cutter” designs and offer an insight into whether or not they are up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

Boylen’s team of skilled developers has years of experience in designing and coding websites. That’s why we were named the best website design company in Australia in 2022.

Click here to enquire about our services.

Do you use WooCommerce with WordPress ecommerce?

Yes, we have very strong expertise in WooCommerce and can talk you through not only the options available, but opportunities you may not have thought about.

Read our WooCommerce web design and development page to learn more.

Of course, adding Woo to your WordPress site is just the start of the process. You need to be found.

Here's a great article on how to implement good WooCommerce SEO.

What graphic design software programs do you use?

It’s a short list! Our graphic designers are experts in the Adobe software that is the backbone of the creative industry, namely:

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Acrobat

We also use apps to visualise colour and font choices. 

If you're looking for advice, our graphic designers would encourage you not to forget the mighty pen/pencil and sketch pad.

It’s well accepted in design practice that different mediums inspire different thinking pathways. So we don’t just restrict ourselves to electronic design techniques, we often seek a quiet corner to draw and sketch and be inspired.

If you're looking to invest in software to do design in-house, there are many articles comparing various software options. This graphic design software article is quite good.

A few words of caution, based on experience working with clients that have set up internal design studios - but then disbanded them. Designers are creative people. They thrive in creative environments. Can you offer that, so that you don't have a revolving door of designrs leaving to join a design agency?

Also, do you have the skills to be able to identify a great designer? If not, get your design business or agency to help make the assessment.

Software for graphic design is a powerful tool as demonstrated by a designer in a wheelchair working on photo retouching using multiple screens.


What's better - clean or complex web design?

When our Adelaide designers ask new clients about their web design preferences, they often say they want a website that is “clean”, “fast loading” and “simple to navigate”
That correlates with a Google study that found that as design complexity increases, fewer people regard it as beautiful.
People also like a sense of surety when viewing websites.  
Google’s study reported: “Prototypical company websites lead to better first impressions than atypical company websites.”
That was a fundamental message in the best selling book “Don’t Make Me Think”. Within reason, most people want a repeatable experience. Research by Orbit Media backs this up. It analysed 50 top websites and found that “standard” website placed the company logo an the top left corner, had a horizontal navigation bar and a search bar in the header, and placed social icons at the bottom.
That doesn’t mean that a website should be cookie-cutter and bland. Far from it. 
The challenge for a designer is achieve design excellence, while working within certain norms. On the flip side, a poor user experience is poor design. 
The way we assess this it that people know that most sites will have the company name and logo in the top left corner, 
There’s a caveat in the study. Highly complex sites may be slower to load. People prefer fast loading sites, so they may actually be turned off complex sites because they are slow to load, as well as for aesthetic reasons.

How do we conduct user testing on our web designs?

Even great web designers aren’t perfect so it's crucial to perform user testing. 
User roadblocks and frustrations that were not foreseen during planning and design can be identified and remedied. This is true for both web design and graphic design.
There is a tendency for organisations to bring in trusted friends and even family members to be the users that are tested. It’s understandable – but not ideal. They will have inherent biases based on their positive relationship with you.
It’s better to reach out to existing users that you don’t have a strong bond with. These might be new parents at a school, a recently acquired medical patient or even a customer that has been known to be highly critical in the past. (The latter may become your worst case scenario but don’t prejudge them.)
There’s no need to go overboard. You don’t need 100 people, you don’t even need 10! A seminal study by Jakob Nielsen found that just five people will show up about 85% of your UX issues. 

When should you test? The answer is probably “now”! Best practice advice is to test  as early as possible. You don’t want to proceed too far, only to find that there is a fundamental flaw early on in the process. Not catching it early will only compound the issue.
While it sounds difficult, it actually makes the entire process easier and you end up with a superior website design.
One caveat to this is that you shouldn’t rush. Before you begin testing users, be sure to establish your objectives. Be very specific. Make sure you only ask questions you need answered. Anything else is not core; it’s not essential. Focus, focus, focus!
When you interview children, you have to ask them open-ended questions (Not, ‘Do you feel happy or sad?’, but ‘How do you feel?’) The same applies in user testing. Don’t take the user down preconceived answer pathways. Keep the questions open and find out what they really think.
Record what they do so that other people on your team can see it. You need to listen to what they say but it’s even more important to watch what they do. Where they look on the screen, what they do, where they pause, what they click on … all these things are the critical factors.

Does your web design studio monitor my WordPress website's performance?

Our Adelaide web design, development, SEO and support team is constantly monitoring all websites, whether they are WordPress, WebTemplate or even Shopify.

While this is done using automated tools, it requires in-house staff to monitor the data and respond to alerts.

Boylen's monitoring service includes:

  • Proactive WordPress monitoring with Application Performance
  • Surface potential problems and optimisations that can help diagnose problems with a site’s user experience or improve site performance
  • Uptime and functionality monitoring to ensure a site and its functions remain up
  • Page performance reporting to increase page speed and conversions by executing page-level performance tests and providing actionable recommendations*

We are happy to put in place a monitoring SLA (this is usually for larger organisations).

If you have concerns about the performance of your current site, we can run a series of discreet tests to identify any issues. This is usually a low-cost exercise.

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Is Adelaide immune from cyberattacks and does it affect SEO?

No web presence is immune from being hacked. While we hear of the major companies being targeted - such as Crown Casinos, Latitude, Optus and Medicare - they hit the news because of their size. 

Every day, small websites and IT systems are being hacked. 30,000 globally. And often the intrusion goes undetected.

Recently we had a company come to us needing to upgrade their security. A hacker had built a new page on their website, which accepted payments. They weren't sure how long it had been there. They didn't know what else was happening in their code - and they didn't know how to prevent it happening again.

It was quickly apparent that they hadn't been updating their security patches and security upgrades.

They were also on a budget-priced hosting plan.

So, don't think that you're a small target that's not worth the effort. SME's defences under under attack every day of the week.

Your web designer is probably not the best person to ask about this. They usually lack the high-level knowledge.

At Boylen, our Support Desk is the first line of advice and assistance for our web design clients. They don't have design talent (sorry guys!)  but they do know their way around code and hosting.

We have a specific page that deals with what a good security setup looks like, with some information on how it affects SEO. 

SEO Adelaide security


Can you deploy A/B testing on my website design to improve conversions?

Yes. We also use it in conjunction with eye-tracking software so that you have several sources of data that you can look at before you leap into redesigning a website or specific landing page.
What you will typically take into account is the arrangement of elements on a page, the language you use, colours, fonts, images, pricing and so on.
This link will take you to more information on A/B testing for SEO and performance.. 
You might also want to read this article from Hubspot.


Should my designer embed a social media feed into my website design?

Should my designer embed a social media feed into my website design?
More than half the world’s population is now on social media. It’s a great way to attract traffic to your website, especially new visitors.
On the other hand, embedding a social media feed on your website helps your website visitors keep up to date with what you are doing, without having to trawl through your various social media properties.
There are many ways you can design this feed. Your website designer can provide the best advice on the design that will best suit your branding. A few options include a gallery, a modular list or a carousel/slideshow.

Check out our blog in the subject.

What is the role of eye-tracking software in website design?

Eye tracking software is an important resource that every web designer should have in their toolkit.

Eye tracking software can help you find out where people are looking, why they’re not clicking on certain areas of the page and which parts of the website are more appealing than others.

In other words, it helps you to understand how visitors are interacting with your website.  Your web design company will be able to point out where customers are faltering on their journey, and then make improvements. 

You can also use eye tracking software to determine what content is working best for your audience. 

Common metrics include time spent on each page, time taken to view each part of the site, where people look first when they land on the site and where they click most often.

The latter point is critical data. Typically, you want people looking at and clicking on a call to action.

However, a competing element may be ‘stealing’ attention. Your website designer would then relocate the elements and test again, to see if the desired behaviour is achieved.

We worked with an international client that wanted people to see an validation they had received from a prestigious overseas organisation. It was a compelling point of difference. When we took on the project, we found that people were NOT looking at this element. Our web designer moved the graphic to the top of the page, above the fold, and then we ran the test again.

Success! Users were now taking notice of the major selling point for this company and click through rates improved.

Naturally you should take advantage of eye-tracking studies that have already been conducted. For example, we know that people scan web pages in a F-shaped pattern. For people from English-speaking countries, the left side of a page is read more than the right. 

After collecting data, you can analyse it and determine the biggest challenges facing your site, including things such as layout, colour scheme and user interface elements. 

Then you can adjust your site accordingly so that it better meets visitor expectations.

Some companies set up test pages that closely resembles the design they plan to implement on their key pages. You can drive traffic to that specific page via digital advertising.

What you learn about visitor behaviour from the exercise will help you measure and predict how well that certain design elements will perform. 

Do you know what people are really looking at on your web pages? Let's work together to find out.

What are three ways to improve my website immediately?

  1. Get rid of your slider (carousel). The majority of people don’t read your second slide. They move down the page. So, alter your web page design to place your secondary messages below your home page hero banner.
  2. Use colour selectively. Your designer should save your most prominent colour for call-to-action buttons. If you look at the often-cited Apple Store home page, all text in the opening screening is white or black – except for the clickable links for Buy and Learn More. These are in blue to attract attention. You will also notice that there are no colourful social media icons at the top of the page. The blue Twitter bird and Facebook F would compete for attention with the calls to action.
  3. Review your key text. Does your main headline quickly tell a story or sell a key benefit – and contain the keyword you are targeting? Do your buttons and CTAs use bland text, such as Click Here? Or do sell a benefit, such as “Save 20%”? Do you have enough text to answer visitors’ questions but not too much that you clutter up the page design?

With all three of these design and content ideas, you should be able to make changes quickly with a good content management system.

However, sometimes you are too close to your website. That’s where a professional web designer can make a huge difference. 

Why does Boylen use WordPress for website design?

WordPress is the equivalent of Microsoft Word – it’s the most used content management system (CMS) in the world today. It is used by the world’s largest companies, online shops and ambitious start-ups.
It is flexible, loaded with features and fully customisable. And because it is open source and supported by tens of thousands of developers around the globe, it continues to improve. (Its popularity also means you will always have an Adelaide  designer or developer that can makes changes to your website.)
One on three websites is built on WordPress. Google gives it the tick of approval – and so does the Boylen team.
There are hundreds of thousands of web designers who use it as their primary tool of choice. Finding a web designer and developer to help with the ongoing support for your website is very easy.
WordPress has a raft of features, including:
Simple user experience
WordPress is very easy to use. With a little training and hand holding, anyone familiar with operating a web browser will feel confident in the driver’s seat. It doesn’t require any technical programming knowledge. Just point, click, type and publish. 
Super search engine friendly
Google absolutely loves WordPress – in fact, they publicly recommend it. Well known Google staffer Matt Cutts once said: “WordPress takes care of 80-90% of (the mechanics of) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)”. Out of the box it comes standard with most things your website needs to get results. A few handy plugins will further extend your reach on Google search results pages.
As your business grows, so can your website. From a simple five-page website right up to a 10,000-page site, WordPress doesn’t miss a beat. Companies such as CNN, General Electric and Time Magazine all have websites or blogs driven by WordPress.
Next Step
Would you like to know more? Give it a ‘test drive’? Click here and let’s find a time to talk: WordPress Website design Adelaide

Wix "Design Threads" study fail. Does it teach us anything?

A September 2022 study commissioned by CMS platform Wix posed the questions ‘What is good design, who gets to decide and what does the future hold?’
Be warned, you need to work through the naval gazing and “design wank” (that’s a technical term) to find substance.
For example, this is how one section of the report, Design Threads, reads:
“Oversaturated, under-stimulated, total meltdown. Navigating today’s abundance of information is the core of designers’ Catch 22: to find success almost guarantees you’ll be overworked, but take a beat and you risk becoming obsolete. Faced with peak overload, designers are looking in the mirror for answers, only to find that mirror is their phone: equipped with millions of options that make choosing one path forward feel impossible. Cue infinite brain melt.”
Sorry folks, it’s actually your report that gives us brain melt!
So much great design depends on its simplicity.
That section of text could have said ‘society faces information overload, and designers have too many choices’.
Like the meercats in the insurance ads say: “Simples!”
The report could have been great. It tapped into people such as font guru Leandro Assis and brand identity leader Elizabeth Goodspeed.
Instead, it opted to be too clever, too tricky … and that’s bad design communication.

Adobe-Figma deal shows process is vital for good quality website design

The news that broke on September 16, 2022, that Adobe bas bought out Figma is testimony to the critical nature of process in website design.
Adobe is a design tool leader. Figma promises to connect all players "in the design process so teams can deliver better products, faster." It's a perfect fit.
Add to that the fact that Adobe says it intends to use Figma to 'reimagine creativity and productivity'.
Believe it or not, high quality website design thrives in an environment where the rules are clear – but not restrictive.
Great designers need the freedom for creative expression. They also know that when to follow design rules, when to bend them and the times they should be broken. 
Usually, web designers and graphic designers work solo on the pure creative output, where they develop the very essence of the design.
But when it comes to design process, the guidelines are generally in place to allow them to operate in a team environment.
For example, a website design that pays no attention to SEO requirements is going to frustrate your SEO and digital marketing staff. From an aesthetic stance, an experienced designer will always check on a client’s branding guidelines, yet novice designers often rush straight in with enthusiasm (which is great) but produce what they want, not what the client needs.
Or the designer that ignores the process step of checking how a concept logo looks and reads when it is shrunk the size of a pea.
Typography has its own processes. How about those who ignore their audience and serve up small grey text to an audience aged over 50, with deteriorating eyesight?
If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this, you’ll understand. You might as well keep the “Lorem ipsum” in place because most of the audience struggles to read it, even with glasses.
Want to read more? Head over to our website design blog

What are the foundations of good web design?

There are four main foundations to consider when undertaking web design:

  1. Accessibility - Your website should be easy to navigate and all of the content should be easily accessible. Web designers understand that no matter what device the user is using, they must be able to find what they're looking for quickly. 
  2. Design - The importance of visual design cannot be underestimated. Great websie design should appeal to the preferences of your target demographics, complement your brand and convey trust. 
  3. Usability - Make it a business goal that your new website must be easy to use and convert the curious into customers.
  4. Functionality - Your new website should include the right features that are relevant to visitors and their goals. The web design will incorporate the right functionality in exactly the right place, be error-free and completely intuitive.Likewise, the functionality will move you closer to your business goals.

Marketing is highly visual. Harvard Business Review cites research that people are more likely to trust brands that have a custom web design. 
The general public will stay longer on visually appealing sites, which reduces your bounce rate and improves your chances of achieving a "conversion". Combine this with responsive website design and you boost your search engine optimization.
Web design is more than just pretty pictures. It's a combination of many different elements and principles that come together to create a fabulous user experience. In this blog post, you will learn about the different types of web design and discover which one is right for you. Let's face it: the internet is full of boring websites. But, who can blame businesses? There are so many UX designers out there that standard website templates are becoming increasingly common. Creating a unique user interface isn't easy in a crowded market. If you want to avoid being another generic site and stand out in a good way, read on to discover all things UX related!
Foundations of Web Design
The foundation of any great web design is its structure - and the layout of your website is arguably the most important part of its design. A web developer might ask you to think of it like a building: there's no point in having a fancy facade if your foundation is falling apart and about to collapse. That said, it's also important to keep in mind how people interact with your site. Every website has two types of visitors: humans and search engines. Your website's design should be intuitive for website visitors and help them navigate easily. There are a range of techniques that professional web designers use to achieve this.
Know Your Audience
The best web design starts with a solid understanding of your target audiences.
Evidence-based web development must always consider your audience. Who is visiting your site? Why are they there? What do they want? 
Easy Websites for Users to Navigate
Navigation is a crucial element in best practice web design. You don't want your users getting lost on your site like they're in a labyrinth. Navigating your website should be easy and intuitive. A good web designer knows how to avoid leaving users feeling frustrated; that's not a good experience. If you're building a website from scratch, you have the opportunity to make great decisions when it comes to navigation. If you're working with a pre-existing site, however, it can be a bit more challenging.
Why is User Experience (UX) Important?
If you want your website to be a success, you need to create a great user interface. How much time are you investing in UX? You don't need to reinvent the wheel, but you should have an idea of what makes a great UX before you start designing your site. UX isn't an add-on feature of web design - it's an essential part of the design process. Great usability will help people navigate your website more easily, understand your content more quickly, and even encourage them to stay longer.
If your website design is difficult to navigate or doesn't work well on different devices, your hard-earned traffic is more likely to leave. If they don't find what they're looking for, they're even more likely to leave. This is where an external web design service or digital marketing professional can assist. Sift through your Google Analytics with your website designer, UX design advisors and web development team to see where you can improve.
As an aside, people will often leave a site if it is too slow to load, so look at your website hosting on a regular basis.
How to Achieve UX With Art and Design
Aesthetics are an essential part of UX design. No matter how well-designed your website is, if it looks like it's from the 90s, your visitors are less likely to stay. (The same is true of other digital designs, such as a Google Ad and social media design.) A good-looking site will inform your "guests" of your brand identity and help them understand your product or service.
It can even have the power to boost your sales. Good design has been proven to increase revenue.
However, web designers achieve great design by a variety of techniques; there is no one size fits all solution. Experience counts, as does natural talent and design flair. It's also critical that creative staff in a web design company have guidance. You might be surprised how many don't have a fully articulated web design process. (Boylen does - it comprises 19 steps and every client project is set up against it to ensure consistency of process and service.)
Don't Forget About Mobile Users
A growing section of your target audience will 'consume' digital media via a smart phone. It is essential that your web design agency takes mobile users into account from the planning stage onward.
Good agency designers understand that mobile users typically don't have a lot of screen real estate, so your passages needs to be short and sweet. If there is a content writer on your web development team, make sure they have strong input.
An ecommerce website needs special attention to ensure that the sales and payment process is optimised. This is where responsive web design meets interaction design - and you won't get this if you opt for a basic template design. For ecommerce, your online presence is your livelihood and you need custom designs and a content management system that is easy to use so that you can update products quickly and easily to respond to your customers' needs. Every ecommerce website design should include strong search engine optimization features.
If your mobile site is difficult to navigate or lacking in content, your users will likely find another site. If they're visiting your site from a mobile device, they expect the same user experience as if they were visiting your site from a desktop computer.
Create A Responsive Layout
Using responsive website design allows your website to scale based on the device someone is using. This is where user interface design really comes into its own. A phone design experience is a minimal and extra steps and distractions are death!
A professional website will offer a phone user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Think of big buttons that are easy to reach when a phone is held in one hand. 
If you're creating custom websites from scratch - as Boylen does - make sure you're following responsive design principles.
The Importance of Visibility and Colour
A talented web designer understands that hierarchy of visibility is a key part of any design. Your layout, colours, fonts, and even your images play an important role in establishing this design hierarchy. It's a skill - and a science - to understand what elements are your visitors likely to notice first? Remember, when it comes to web development, not everything can be the start of the page.
Most people notice the colour of your site before anything else. What colours are you using on your site? Do they mirror your logo design? Are the colours you've chosen visible enough? Can your traffic find the information they are looking for easily? Sometimes it's a good idea to get a second opinion from someone with a graphic design background or from social media advertising, to gain a new perspective.
Your layout and colours can greatly impact how easily the public can find the information they're looking for on your site.
If your digital marketing role means you manage multiple websites, a good web designer will take the time to understand any style that needs to be applied across all sites to reflect your parent company.
Likewise, a new website should not be seen as a clean canvas to go crazy. Unless you are a highly adventurous, 'rule breaker' style of company, resist the urge to go crazy with colour. Your users will thank you for it.
Instead, use colour to reinforce your company's "look and feel" and to help guide people through your site, in thesame way a green exit signs guides people out of a dark room.
Beautiful Typography
Typography is an important part of any design, but it's especially important in web design whether you are a large or small business or a non-profit. Your choice of fonts can have a real impact on your visitors and how they interact on your site. Your fonts can affect the mood of your site, draw attention to certain parts of your site, and even help transient web browsers navigate your site more easily.
Your fonts can also impact your search engine optimisation, especially if you're planning on using a font that isn't common. If you don't want to risk hurting your SEO, you can always use a font generator to create a font from scratch. 
Graphic designers are often an excellent source of wisdom when it comes to fonts and their characteristics, even though website design is not their core skill.
Use Video Carefully
If you want to increase engagement on your site, video can help you accomplish that. Video is an engaging and useful content format for any type of business. However, you need to be careful when you're incorporating video into your web design.
Work closely with your web designer to make sure you place it in an appropriate location and keep things simple. If you're using video on your site, make sure it flows naturally with the rest of your content; don't force it.
Video can both help or hinder your search engine marketing (and your social media marketing as well). 

What plugins do you work with?

Plugins allow you to select the best solution for each feature your website needs, while not being restricted on functionality. 
With WordPress, there are thousands of plugins available to solve all manner of requirements.
The Boylen team has worked with loads of plug ins (we don’t count them). We have our favourites and we also know which ones are duds (don’t work consistently, have security flaws etc).
Rest assured that each plugin selected will be reviewed, tested and configured before being enabled on a live site.
If you are curious about using a particular plug in, just let us know and we can check out its functionality and give you our feedback.
Also, no matter whether you choose Boylen’s Adelaide website designers and developers or someone else, make sure that your digital design agency keeps a track of your plug-ins, updates them on a regular basis and shares the information with you.
We’ve inherited websites where the business or organisation had no idea what plug ins were on their site. Typically they are out of date and pose a security threat.
Want to talk plug ins? So do we! Let’s chat: web design Adelaide enquiry

Can you help me with photos and video?

High quality photos and videos are powerful sales tools.

Adelaide’s best web designers can create a beautiful website for you – but if we don’t have excellent imagery to work with, the advantage is lost.

We can help.

As you design or redesign your website, you have a range of options available to entice your potential customer, new patient, investor etc. Here are a few:

Existing photos. Let us look at them all. We might see something you don’t. It’s amazing how cropping and zooming can elevate an ordinary image.

Engage a professional photographer. We can recommend Adelaide website photographers who understand how their images will be used. (Note: some photographers are great at taking product shots but not so good with people, while others can bring a fairly dull building to life – for example, by shooting at night with lights on, hosing down the street front to get a night-time rain effect etc).

Engage a pro videographer who specialises in website work. Ideas include drone shots – inside and out, at dawn as the sun rises over your premises or perhaps a one-on-one interview (our professional interviewers can handle that for you).

Stock photos. Warning: website designers will tell there is a lot of rubbish in the market. And they’re correct! Some of it is not much better than clip art. That’s why we continually research the market and get access to high-end royalty-free, stock photo and stock video sites that not a lot of people use. Our focus is on quality and originality. You don’t want to use the same photos that everyone else does; that’s a recipe for a bland website design.

Supplier pics and videos. If you stock Nike gear, it makes sense to use some of their product shots and slick videography.

Take your own photos. This rarely works well but if you are on a budget, talk with us so we can recommend the best settings, dimensions, angles and ideas. If you are an avid photographer with a SLR camera, so much the better. As a final tip, take lots of photos with a wide range of angles and at different times of day. From a large selection, our Adelaide web designers can choose a few hero shots to maximise your visual message.

UPDATE July 2022: Recently a new client sent us a batch of professional images they had commissioned. They should have been fun - to reflect the "people" sector they operate in. But they had been photographed as if they were a high quality product or widgets for a catalogue.

Sure, they were beautiful but where were the people? This is a mistake we see all too often. Make sure you take a variety of versions of the same photo - some with people, some without, maybe from an angle, maybe with a special effect lens. Give yurself choice. Give your website designer options. Shake it up! Get creative!

Do you work with large or small companies?

We offer website development, design and SEO services for single person start-ups right through to organisations with thousands of employees that sell a range of products in over 150 countries.

And everything in between.

It’s a real privilege to be part of so many growth stories, to understand the values that drive successful organisations and to optimise your web design

We undertake custom web design for Adelaide companies, firms in Sydney and Melbourne, and we work with a wide range of international branch (export) offices.

In fact, the use of the term” web design” is limiting. We develop everything from a simple form and entry level SEO right up to the automation of complex workflows, integration of websites with back office software and undertake international SEO (which is nothing like local SEO). It's a full website development service.

Over 30 years, we have worked for most sectors, across private enterprise and more than 20 government departments (including the SA Premier’s Department).

  • Schools and colleges
  • Dentists, medical and allied health
  • Manufacturing
  • Export
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Associations
  • Defence
  • Automotive
  • Law firms
  • Retail
  • Tourism


That’s our short list. Unless you are the next Bill Gates with a revolutionary new product, there’s a good chance we have experience in your sector.

Please use this link if you would like to discuss your next digital design and marketing project.

Can you explain semantics in SEO and web design?

A search engine uses complex algorithms to detect content and decide where it fits within the billions of web pages it has in its index.

The words you choose are important. They signal the intent of your web pages. It is no different to a conversation between two humans. You listen to the other person’s words, their tone and patterns in their speech in order to decipher what the other person is trying to say to you.

A young child has low communications skills, while a university English professor has very sophisticated skills. The search engines sit somewhere in the middle; they are, after all, a combination of coding and machine learning. They are not smarter than a human, although when it comes to sorting information at this level, it would require a nation of people to achieve what the Google bots do!


Let’s use the example of Boylen to see how this works. Clearly one of the services we offer is “web design Adelaide”.  That is known as a keyword.

We want the indexing bots – or spiders – to understand that we offer this service.

One line on a page isn’t enough. Think of it this way. If you blurt out a solitary sentence to a visitor to your store or place of business, they will think it is rude. They will also fail to achieve anything but the shallowest of comprehension.

If you are going to sell yourself, you need to provide more information. Some people prefer to think of it as “data”.

In our example, we let people know that we have an Adelaide website designer that can meet their needs. This person – a team, actually – is professionally trained in their specialist field and they are incredibly creative.

Whether you are looking for a new logo or some initial proofs for a potential landing page, the people we have to help you are website creators - and Adelaide is their location, which is important. Local Search is part of the core of Google because people are usually looking for a service provider in their close geographic area.

Can you see what we’re doing here? It’s semantic variations on a theme. Another variation would be “Web design Adelaide”. It is such a small change but you need to understand that you are writing not for yourself, but for the legions of people who might potentially be interested in doing business with you.

The way a lawyer searches is different to the way the head of marketing enters their lookup queries, and the communications specialist in a high school will think – and type – differently to those two. A B2B search is different to B2C and so on.

It can be daunting trying to figure out how to construct content with the actual phrases that people are using in the real world. That’s why there are many tools you can use to find out – on a scientific basis – the answer to this, rather than relying on instinct.

Prioritise to Match Intent

So back to the Boylen case in question, do we opt for a term such as “Web development Adelaide” or “Adelaide web development”? Great question, we’re glad you asked 

The answer lies in the data, in the statistics that are gathered by the likes of Google AdWords and a host of other commercial providers.

What we can tell you is that you should generally put your most important word first. The bots can tell where you are located, so is that more important than the service itself? Probably not.

Therefore, frame your wording in such as way that the critical aspects come first. This applies to your entire content strategy.  Think of it as a pyramid. The most important, singularly critical thing – it might be “website design Adelaide” – is the point of the pyramid.

As you go down, there’s increasingly more space and scope to add more details. If you develop your copy in this manner, a person who stops reading after one line will still have a rudimentary idea of what it is that you do.

That, too, is essential because most people don’t read past the headline on your web pages. It’s like that old joke: “What’s the best place to hide a dead body?” The answer: “On page two of Google because nobody every goes there.”

In reality, not many people read all the way through your text unless they are really interested.

Satisfy User Intent

That last point is all about “intent”. Why has a person visited your web page? Clearly they are trying to satisfy a need. That may be information – such as finding out ‘who is Adelaide’s best web designer’ – or it may be a product they want to supercharge their broadband, satisfy their hunger or play an online game.

So they search and if there is a local option, that gets a better showing, at least in the maps category which sits near the top of the page. That’s great! That’s where you want to be. So being (a) an Adelaide website and (b) offering well written and carefully structured content, as well as (c) good reviews, will put you in contention to be listed with one or two others. (Those are your competitors. If you are not listed, have a look at what they are doing. Or ask a professional to explain what you need to do to bridge the gap. That’s one of the things we can help you with.)

In our case study, Adelaide websites have a geographic advantage over those that exist in, say New York, which are unlikely to be helpful for someone in urgent need of a dental practice or the best education websites.

Design A Blog For Your Business

Your blog is another important element in marketing your organisation, whether it is a small business, a corporation or a non-profit. Digital marketing agencies in Adelaide – notice we put that geographic identifier at the end of the phrase – will probably have a broad ranging blog. It will contain topics such as a graphic designers blog, a subcategory or a standalone blog on web design, a general section etc.

Why would you do this? Why would you have a creative blog? The answer is that it’s a way to provide ongoing information in an area of your website where people expect to be able to find new and relevant advice that suits the sector you operate in.

What you say on your services page may not change from year to year. Likewise, your About Us page might stay the same because you have a successful model and you are busy satisfying your clients, your patients, customers … whatever is the appropriate term for your target audience.

This is evergreen content. To be continually changing it would not be authentic. Once you’ve perfected it, why would you change it just for the sake of change? It would actually devalue the user experience.

So that’s why we have a blog that serves the Adelaide web development community – specifically, those who are seeking the service of an Adelaide web designer or a graphic designer in Adelaide.

It is the place our clients – and other curious visitors – can come back to stay up with trends, challenges, changes to CMS upgrades, website security alerts, clever design hacks, discussion about creative elements such as fonts and colour, as well as technical matters such as page speed and how your code or image files might be hindering load times.

It’s market intelligence and also instructional but it can be much more than that.

Be open to new ideas. Look at what other people are doing.

You may be one of the many companies in South Australia that is struggling with a skills shortage. You can use you blog to show potential employees what sort of culture you have. Do you socialise together? Support charities? Win awards for the best website design in Adelaide?

In our case, a designers blog allows us to communicate with our key demographic, which is people who need to market themselves in both digital and traditional formats. It lets people judge what we say and whether we demonstrate thought leadership.

They can then jump across to our Portoflio section to judge us on the quality of our work. This section has many names, depending on your industry. However, the key thing about a projects page is that it fulfils the need of visitors, which is to judge you not on what you say but on what you have done.

The websites Adelaide companies will be shown in search results are often Adelaide companies. Perfect! If you keep updating your portfolio and your blog pages, you are keeping your site fresh.

If you don’t do this – or if you start and then stop – it can be worse than not having anything at all. This is because people tend to have a “recency bias”. If your projects are all several years old, they may decide you haven’t done anything worthwhile for ages and are on the way down.

If your articles or blogs are sporadic, it reflects on your operational discipline. It also projects an image of a company that doesn’t care.

And as we have already said, it’s not going to do you any favours when you are being judged by the likes of Bing, Yahoo and Google.


So in conclusion, what are the key points?

The main message is that semantics are your friend. Use a tool that shows you what word combinations are the favoured terms used by your audiences and then get to work to produce prose that covers all bases.

Thank you for reading to the end. Clearly you can see what we are doing with this article. If you would like us to help you with a similar strategy, we have the professional staff to deliver.

Unlike others, we never outsource this overseas. It’s important that your page vocabulary is clearly written by someone with English as their first language and who resides in Australia. Why? Because people can see through outsourced content. Nuances and cultural norms can’t be taught and must be learned through life experience.

Another promise is that we won’t spin up words using AI technology. We’ve tested a swag of them and while it’s impressive what the best of them can do, they still fail to provide depth. They are great for a paragraph or two but even those are really just slightly altered copies of what already exists on other websites (probably your rivals).

Any AI text of a decent length will probably fail the credibility test. One test we ran gave us a result that kept referring to a woman aas “he”.

So that’s why our writers are humans. They live in South Australia. Just like an Adelaide web page designer, our writers you can sit down with you or join you on a tour of your business. In that way, they provide you with the headlines, words, captions and product descriptions that will bring your offering to life.

If you would like to talk, we would too. We're passionate about all things digital and we don't employ sales staff. You'll talk to a project manager, an Adelaide web creative, SEO expert or someone else who will actually be hands-on with your project.

Are you an Adelaide business looking to get ahead? Talk to a website specialist or graphic designer. 

What is your web design or website redesign service?

The steps required in a web development project depend on the size and complexity of the website.

In 2022, an enterprise level website will have extra focus on research, discussions and testing in the early stages before web designers and web developers get involved.

A simple site may skip those stages altogether and move straight to preparing a design brief.

Here’s an overview of what to expect. We add and take away services depending on your needs, your website design budget and your timeframes.

  1. Agree all project details – specifications, pricing, etc
  2. Establish project management systems
  3. Agree deadlines and key milestones
  4. Creation of a shared portal online where all team members can keep key documents and communicate. The system keeps all of the correspondence so that it’s possible to check back on earlier decisions, to do lists etc.
  5. Agree site architecture and UX, with wireframes
  6. Agree content plan, including:
    1. Content writing and editing
    2. Images: existing, organise photoshoots and video.
    3. Image enhancement (eg. adding text to an image and styling it properly)
  7. Develop design brief
  8. Home page design and revisions until satisfied
  9. Internal web page template designs and revisions until satisfied
  10. Website development and coding, animations (movement), forms, automation, integration of third-party software etc
  11. Set up elements required for eCommerce
  12. CMS training
  13. Content population – either by Boylen, the client or a combination of both
  14. SEO includes:
    1. title tags
    2. meta descriptions
    3. best practices for content
    4. XML sitemaps
    5. Webmaster Tools
    6. Google Analytics
    7. rich snippets.
  15. Quality assurance testing and rework
  16. Client testing and changes
  17. Handover of online training manual specific to the individual website
  18. Set up web hosting, SSL certificates etc
  19. Go live
  20. Warranty period
  21. Website maintenance
  22. Project review
  23. Continuous improvement, software patches and upgrades
  24. Ongoing digital marketing


Boylen: Adelaide Web Designers

Our Adelaide web design studio is available to meet and discuss your plans. Or we can come to you. Catch up on an initial phone call or have a Zoom/Teams meeting. Just let us know what suits you.

In 2022, how long does it take to build a website?

Technology advances have accelerated the development time required to create a website.

From talking with other Adelaide web design businesses, we’ve worked out that the average website design and build in South Australia is between four to twelve weeks.

A sub-standard job will get you something dished up in two weeks. (Tell-tale signs include fuzzy logos, images that haven’t been optimised and hurt your SEO without you knowing it, no clear user journey (to get users to click, buy etc) and security issues. Big security issues because they used old software that hackers exploit! (Sorry about the rant.)

So, a well planned and executed site that includes several stages of custom design and quality assurance testing might take two months. That also allows some slippage for you to get all of your content together.

Enterprise level websites may take up to a year if they include multiple stakeholders and an elevated level of complexity, including development of apps and automation, translations and a high degree of automation.

We checked in with our web design friends in the USA and they believe that this time range is fairly standard around the world, with the exception of around-the-clock sweatshops in the sub-continent.

What do website design projects take so long – or fail to meet deadlines? The number one culprit is content. When clients don’t have their text, images and videos ready, it invariable slows down a web design project. If you do have all of this prepared, it’s amazing how fast our web developers can get things done.

That’s one of the reasons we put content discussions at the start of the project, rather than waiting until the final phases after the web design and development have been completed. It’s also why we have content creation services on hand to help you when your normal workload gets too hectic, even without your new website project.

Giving an important project the time it deserves also means you can optimise the technical SEO fundamentals.

Note: we have done sites a lot faster. These are usually for existing clients with a sudden urgent need (CEO to marketing manager: “Oh, by the way, we’ll need a new website for that new product launch in a fortnight’s time.”) And we do love a drop dead deadline for an event. But for most websites, a calm and orderly process where we all respect deadlines and communicate clearly leads to a superior outcome.

Click this link now if you would like us to develop a timeline for your next website design and web development project.

How do you ensure my website is fast to load?

We recognise that users expect a fast-loading website.

People quickly leave a slow website that “hangs” and Google penalises slow sites because of the user experience.

Firstly, we design and develop your website with speed in mind. This includes optimising images, minimising code etc.

Then we make sure your website is hosted on high quality infrastructure.

Our caching service provides leading industry performance and scalability, including:

  • Server levelling caching for databases, code execution and full-page caching
  • Removes strain on servers by automatically caching static content
  • Built for WordPress and continually audited and updated
  • Supports Page, Network, CDN, WAF, Object and Browser Cache layers


Can you fix a slow site you didn’t design?

Yes, we can. We do this on a regular basis.

At the outset and then throughout the process, we test your website speed using Google’s speed test tool. Our website developers and SEO consultants will ensure that we analyse what’s happening across desktop and mobile. It is normal to have different “speed results” for each platform. You want them both in the green zone – and faster than your competitors because speed is a ranking factor in deciding where you rank in the search results.

The first step would be to run an audit, looking at what is clogging up the time is takes for your website pages to appear. It’s likely that there will be a shortlist of problems that account for the main lag.

Then there will be a range of actions that can be taken across a variety of issues. We will provide quotes for each action and you can decide whether it is worth the investment.

For example, your Speed Index and Cumulative Layout Shift are two essential factors your website needs to get right. If you have a reading high in the red for these, we need to work out what the problem is.

Looking to DIY? Some things are relatively simple – but many require an experienced tech support person to help. Google PageSpeed Insights to learn more.

We love talking site speed! Reach out here about improving your website speed.

What Adelaide dental website design services do you offer?

Website design for dentists is a specialty area for Boylen. We take a boutique approach, working for a limited number of practices so that we can provide a personal service with custom designs and a focus on new patient acquisition.

You can jump to two of our dental pages here:


Some of the services we offer include:

  • dental branding
  • logo design for dentists, including style guides
  • the best dental website design in Adelaide
  • content:
    • text written by a qualified professional with years of medical writing experience
    • video
    • photography
    • podcasts
  • Local Dental Marketing:
    • SEO for dentists (search engine optimisation)
    • Online advertising (Google Ads etc)
    • Social media for dentists
    • Websites for dentists
  • Google reviews growth strategies
  • Reputation management (including dealing with undeserved, negative reviews).

What are the key questions to ask a digital marketing agency?

When you partner with a digital marketing agency, you are selecting an expert team that will help grow your business. Their services may include designing a website, SEO, paid advertising and other marketing strategies.

But there are a few questions that you need to ask before hiring a results-oriented agency.

A creative design and SEO agency lives and dies by the work it creates. So, the first question should be: “Can you show us your recent work?”. Of course, the company’s website will have examples of previous work, so you can make an early assessment before making contact.

Assess the people the company will pair you with. Ask yourself: Can I work with these people? Do they understand my business? Are they competitive? Passionate? Do they know what they are talking about or are they just good as selling? Is this custom website design company or a 'template factory' (ie. will my individual design stand out from the crowd?)

Can you meet them? Are they located in Adelaide? Or are they working in another time zone? Have they worked with small business if that's who you are? Do they understand your niche, whether it is medical marketing such as a dental website design or an industrial design designed for the defence sector?

Digital marketing is a tool-based industry. Even the best digital marketers depend on other optimisation tools to upgrade their strategies, so you need to ask question regarding tools they will use in your business to deliver the best possible results. Check them with your peers, or on review sites.

Let’s face it, you want to rank your webpage on the first page of Google results.  Ask your digital marketing agency how they are planning to take your business forward. They should have checked out your website and digital strategies in advance and be able to tlk about the early wins they can achieve – and what the longer term, harder to achieve goals should be.

What kind of help do you need from me? This is a critically important question. Beware the service where they “show you how” but you are expected to do a lot of the work. Basic online marketing is actually quite simple. But more advanced strategies require professionals. For example, if your site shows a 5xx error (critical), you won’t be able to fix it. Another example: what would you do if your site has been submitted to Google but only a fraction of your pages are being indexed?

This is where we come in. Boylen can do most of your work in house. When we can’t, we’re used to dealing with Google to get to the bottom of problems. We also love the competitive nature of digital marketing, where you can use data to set benchmarks and goals to measure yourself against.

To be honest, we also like helping you overtake your opposition.

So if we sound like a good fit, please reach out to us for digital marketing services and we’ll be in touch asap.

Why should I optimise my website for Google Discover?

Every second person in a Google survey said they got ideas for new purchases from their Discover feed. (The actual stat was 48%.)

By way of explanation, Discover is the section below the Google search area. It has the heading “Discover” and it feeds you stories relevant to your interests that are based on your previous browsing history.

It’s a digest of all the good stuff you like!

You can also kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, because optimising your content for search and rich snippets is almost the same as optimising for Discover. Google uses the principle of EAT, which is where its AI systems prioritise content by asking:

  1. Does this content demonstrate expertise in a specific subject area?
  2. What is the authoritativeness of the source and the data?
  3. Is it trustworthy?


Is Google Discover worth the effort?

Yes. The world’s largest search engine has signalled that it will continue to improve Discover and is trialling a Follow button on Android phones using Chrome in the United States. Hopefully we will see it in Australia and across all operating systems in the near future.

In other words, it fits in with their plans for increasing personalisation by serving up relevant information to improve user experience.

How do you track how your content is rating in Discover? You can get the statistics from Google Search Console. If you aren’t showing up, it’s because your content hasn’t attracted the minimum ‘eyeball volumes’ over the last 16 months. It’s believed the entry level is 1,000 impressions. If you are a small business and not achieving that, our SEO team can help.

Head over to our contact page if you would like to start showing up in Discover - and reap the benefits of a huge surge in your traffic numbers.

What makes a mobile friendly website design?

Mobile website design is king. 

There are several reasons why. Firstly, Google ranks your website based on the mobile experience first. It’s call mobile first indexing.

Secondly, more people opt to search using a smart phone so a mobile-friendly website design is absolutely critical.

Improving the mobile experience is mission critical for any great website.

Good mobile website design loads quickly. Let’s repeat that - page speed is essential to a good mobile web experience. Make it a prime business goal. Then keep checking this because as people add to your website, they may inadvertently be slowing its performance (eg. with large image files that haven’t been optimised to fit your mobile first web design strategy)

What makes a mobile friendly website?

Is your site mobile friendly? Key elements of great mobile website design:

  • Mobile responsive websites are easy to navigate on a small screen. Boost this with a simplified search feature
  • Clean design. With a well designed mobile interface, you need to be ruthless. That’s why it’s best to design from a blank age, rather than try to shrink a desktop design.
  • Good sized menus that are simplified for mobile devices
  • The web design includes large buttons (think finger size)
  • The best mobile websites are designed for speed (fast load times)
  • Minimal copy but large enough to read on mobile devices. Some typefaces work well on all screen sizes, others don’t.
  • Good mobile design uses large images
  • A good mobile responsive website design is uncluttered. Part of that is playing it safe and choosing a one-column design layout. 
  • Obvious calls to action (eg. Buy Now)
  • Retain branding – they don’t water down the mobile design aesthetic
  • Mobile friendly websites accentuate contact information and maps for on-the-go consumers
  • Dumb down your forms. It’s easy to go from one form field to another on desktop but it’s a painful user experience on a handheld device. Just ask for basic information wherever possible. 
  • Pop ups are death – for mobile UI and in the eyes of Google.
  • Also marked down by Google is horizontal scrolling.

So, how does your web design display on hand-held devices, such as smartphones and tablets?

Click here to score yourself with Google’s free tool:

Make contact with us for a no obligation conversation about your current mobile website design experience and your plans for the future. Get ahead of your competition.

Can I make changes to my website?

You won’t be forced to pay a website designer to make most changes to a website designed by Boylen+. We give you the tools – and the training – so you can make most changes to your website 24/7 – whenever and wherever you want.
We normally get this question from people who are “locked in” to unfriendly software. Actions speak louder than words, so we give those people a ‘test drive’ of WordPress using the Gutenberg drag-and-drop editor or the WebTemplate CMS.
You’ll be able to quickly add and delete everything from text, images and pictures to entire pages. Creating forms on the fly is a cinch. So, too, is optimising your website for SEO.
Many organisations like to protect key aspects of their website. These are usually linked to brand guidelines. You don’t want a junior member of staff being able to change corporate colours etc.
Of course, we have Adelaide website designers, developers and SEO experts on hand in our Glen Osmond Road offices to help you if:

  • you are time poor
  • your change requires a higher degree of skill to make it perfect.

Contact us for empowering web design. Adelaide office now open or online and phone meetings also welcome.

How can Boylen's web design and SEO help local business?

The quality of your web design has a direct impact on whether people stay or leave your website. Custom web design takes into account your business and its target audiences - but templates are a one-size-tries-to-fit-all path that rarely works.

SEO is more obvious. If you rank on page 2 of the SERPs, you are missing out on 95% of internet customers using organic search. Your business goal should be a great website that ranks on page on - and preferably in positions 1, 2 or 3.

It's easy to see the business case for SEO but much harder to see the link between creative website design and sales results. However, research study after research study has shown a very clear connection.

Our website design Adelaide studio has a large team that is ready to help in both areas.

Let's get started! 

Are there ways to minimise website marketing costs?

There are many ways you can contain the cost iof a website design and development project.

  1. As simple as it sounds, don’t pay for a website “up front”. A deposit and milestone payments based on work completed is the industry norm. 
  2. “Would you like fries with that?” Know what you need and don’t be tempted with upsell strategies. Why pay for something you won’t use? If you are starting out and feeling uncertain, it makes perfect sense to start small and build on it. 
  3. Write your own text. Provide your own photos. But if you can’t write to save yourself, and even your mother says your photography is awful, leave it to a pro. 
  4. Insist on itemised invoices, especially for ongoing fees and charges.
  5. If you want to rank high on Google searches for certain words and phrases, make sure this is validated by independent data. Google has tools to help with this. Above all, don’t guess because it becomes very costly.
  6. Be highly organised. If you can show a web development agency they will be working with a highly organised client, this should keep your quote down. (Get them to quote on you providing all of the information in one hit.)
  7. Spend time finding website designs you like and sites you hate – this will guide the designer, save time and save money.
  8. If you are going to make a constant changes – such as weekly specials – choose a good Content Management System (CMS). It costs more to start with but saves money on the longer term. A word of caution: test drive your CMS the way you would a car. Put it through its paces before you say “yes”. Some CMS are dreadful; some are fantastic. And if you end up with something that is too hard to handle for you or your staff, you will end up paying the same company to makes your changes. At Boylen we generally use WordPress and WebTemplate.
  9. Work with a local, website design Adelaide company. If you can't meet in person, you increase the risk of not achieving your goals. While a cheap overseas solution might be appealing, you are better off choosing an affordable web design company located in Adelaide that will deliver value. 

Please head to our Contact page if you would like to discuss your project.

This is my first website. How can you help me? FAQ

Start-up websites can be fun – but also daunting. A hand-picked member of our website design team – the person that matches you best - will assist you, step-by-step, to ensure your goals become an online reality. 

All aspects of the website development will be mapped early in the process.

That includes key milestones, minimum requirements and a detailed budget, through to testing, security and ongoing support once your site goes live.

Yes, you can choose a cheap package from somebody like GoDaddy, but you won’t get the same level of service we offer, nor the local service where we can meet at our Glen Osmond Road office to talk through your website design Adelaide project.

Please use our Contact Us page if you feel we can help in any way.

Do you use DALLE-2 and AI for your Adelaide website design?

No, we most certainly don't. 

We've looked at AI across a range of areas, including web design, graphic design, content writing and SEO. It's getting better but it still has a long way to go before it even gets a seat at the table.

There's been a lot of discussion on Twitter about DALLE-2 and what is will do to design.

Talented designers have human minds which are designed to be both inspirational and aspirational. Machines, on the other hand, "average out". They work on pattern recognition and complex algorithms that get nowhere near the human brain.

They are great for menial tasks, such as automated contouring of a photo. You might even use them for inspiration.

We've had some fun playing with these tools. Laughed a lot at some of the crazy outcomes. Groaned at the quality. Then thanked ourselves that we have talented designers on our team that breathe - and think for themselves! 

Does you provide logo design?

Boylen has been designing logos for 30 years.  The true essence of a great logo hasn't changed - but the way it will be used has changed significantly.

Once, a logo appeared on a static medium that the general public couldn't change. That might have been an ad in the Adelaide Advertiser, on a billboard or on a business card.

Today, the digital application of a logo sees the user take control, viewing it on different screen sizes - and changing objects within those screens, - that adjust how the logo renders.

So apart from being brilliant, your logo needs to be highly adaptable. For example, can it be read on a phone or watch screen?


Everyone knows that the use of fonts and typefaces is extremely important when it comes to designing a logo – but it takes a talented design to be bring together all of the elements that bring it to life. 

In the case of the Spirits of Australia logo, we knew that the font should not detract from the eye-catching and mood-aspiring illustration – and that they had to work in harmony to create the overall look and feel of the logo. From a practical point of view, it was important to select a font that was both readable and visually appealing, because all logos need to be both effective and memorable.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a font for your logo.

Firstly, consider the overall message that you want to communicate with your logo. The font should be in keeping with this message - for example, a more playful font may be more suitable for a logo aimed at children, whereas a more formal or traditional font would be more appropriate for a corporate logo.

Secondly, think about the size of the lettering - you want to make sure that the font is large enough to be easily readable, but not so large that it looks out of proportion.

Finally, consider the spacing of the letters - too much space between the letters can make the logo look unfinished, but too little space can make it difficult to read.

The bottom line? Your logo is the touchstone when it comes to creating a visual identity for your brand and fonts say a lot about your brand.

Choose wisely!

How does web design pricing impact quality?

Web design that’s different
Web design needs to be creative to attract attention – but it also needs to be highly professional because people make snap decisions about the quality of your business.

You can’t stand out from the crowd if you look like everyone else.

If you are a start-up with no revenue, then a free template from Wix is a good option. But for most companies, choosing templates is choosing to be "me too". 

Skilled web designers
We provide you with the tools to easily manage your site. But unlike a low-level template marketplace that happily proclaims that staff change “everything”, we work with you to lock certain elements so that your branding can’t be trashed.

For example, let’s say you spend weeks or months developing the perfect web design with Boylen. A year later, someone new joins your team. They decide to change the colours, fonts and type sizes you have worked so hard to get right.

Is that what you want?

Of course, we can design your site to offer different levels of “permission”. So an owner or senior manager may have top tier access and be able to make major and alterations. (Even then, many businesses want us to hard code certain design elements so that even they can’t change certain critical elements).

Team members with lower levels of permission can use the in-built tools to easily add pages, resize images, move blocks around and so on.

It's services such as this - and taking the time to get it right - that add to the cost of a website.

Web design takes time
If you can spin up a new website in a few hours, the site will be generated by very clever tools – but it will be mass produced. It's not true web design. An AI 'copy and paste' process.

That’s fine for low quality needs, where web design aesthetics aren’t that important.

But that’s not what we do.

When you work with Boylen, you get a design partner. We will work with you to understand what’s important to you… even if you struggle to articulate it. 

Even if you don’t know where to start, we have the web design experience to bring your ideas to life.

Design Inspiration Meet Practicality
Whether you want a simple site that’s easy to manage, or c complex site for your eCommerce business that has advanced functionality, with powerful marketing and SEO capabilities, we can craft a solution for you.

Naturally, the user experience on mobile phones and tablets needs to be first class.

Our web designers and quality testers work hard to ensure that your layouts render well on small and large screens.

Practicality also extends to areas such as advanced web applications and API integrations. We have both the design expertise and technical experience to ensure all of the functions you require – from bookings and memberships, to sales and online order tracking – are handled expertly.

Visual design
Very few people are great designers. 

The ability to bring together an entire website into a “cohesive whole” is learned over time. Our senior designers are expert in helping you with the correct colour combinations (palettes), where to use animations to attract the eye, choosing the right fonts and developing a style guide. 

The outcome? You get the triple benefits of a fully customisable web design, that solves your key issues (eg. more enquiries, automated sales etc) - and is also easy to manage.

As web creators, our qualified designers adept at creating appealing sites to suit most budgets (but we don’t do cut-price sites that are typically knocked together in unethical sweatshops offshore and then sold in Australia for under a $1,000.)

However, if you’re seeking quality and access to ongoing design advice, then Boylen might be a good fit for your organisation.

Web design for social media
Whether you prefer Instagram or Facebook, Twitter or another platform, Boylen’s web design team will guarantee they reflect your website design.

Or if you already have a strong social presence, we can develop concepts and mood boards for the website to reflect your socials.
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Our Adelaide-Designed Websites Include:

  • Custom web design using Adelaide website designers
  • Wordpress websites with responsive design across phones, tablets and desktop
  • Easy to use, easy to make changes using WordPress or WebTemplate content management systems (CMS)
  • SEO - digital marketing that starts in the planning and web design stages and continues after launch
  • Fast, secure hosting

Website design for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

December 2022 - it's not too late to boost your ecommerce site

How did you go with your Black Friday offers? Did you maximise your ecommerce sales?

If you feel your website development has room for improvement, don't put it off. Make a list of the improvements you can make in the lead up to the Christmas sales - and have your New Year's sales pages designed and ready to go live.

Many companies develop special landing pages well in advance. The same applies with SEO; plan your strategies well in advance and then execute when the time comes. Interested in what makes an effective landing page design? This blog we wrote offers some great tips. (Read our ecommerce blog or watch the video.)

Boylen's Adelaide website designers can help you with:

  • Digital strategy, from design to website development to grow your business
  • Eye-catching web designs that are easy to edit
  • Full training and ongoing support
  • We can help with all aspects of content, including text, photos and video
  • Local SEO. Technical SEO, on-page, off-page, content-driven SEO.