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Hotel and pub website designers

Boylen creates hotel website designs that draw increasing numbers of patrons through your doors.


Website design for hotels, breweries and distilleries

We have 30 years of experience in web design, graphic design and content creation for pubs, hotel groups, restaurants and bars. Here are a few examples:

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Our Adelaide website designers and developers scale up or down to fit your requirements.


Website Design for Hotels

  • Hotel website designs that align with your branding
  • Responsive design to suit phone, tablet and desktop screens
  • Integration with your third-party apps and software, such as:
    • Restaurant bookings (eg. The Fork, NowBookIt, Rezdi etc)
    • Accommodation bookings integration (eg. Siteminder, TheBookingButton, LittleHotelier etc)
    • Ticketing vendors
    • CRMs and user data capture (eg. Hubspot Talkbox etc)
  • Digital menus – the next big thing. Ask us about this.
  • Events – automated integration. Manage events via your website or directly via Facebook with seamless integration 
  • Functions – styled, downloadable packs
  • Photo and video galleries
  • Google Maps
  • Customised contact forms
  • Video and photography
  • Training
  • Secure hosting.


SEO and Marketing for Hotels

  • SEO training and refresher classes for your staff
  • Google advertising
  • Google reviews
  • Pop ups
  • Landing pages for special event marketing
  • Heat mapping to understand website visitor behaviour (user experience)
  • Technical SEO, such as:
    • Optimising your website for speed
    • Google Analytics set up
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Migration of backlinks etc
    • Set up of GMB – Google My Business
    • Analysis of your website traffic data to help you understand where you can improve.

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Ecommerce For Bottleshops, Distilleries and Brewers

Tap into our experience working with national drinks companies and Adelaide hotel groups.

We understand what makes people buy online, what causes them to drop off, how to configure the basics such as delivery integrations, trust signals, social proofing … there’s a lot to consider with ecommerce for your bottleshop or drive through.

Example Websites:

Here are several ecommerce sites we have worked on:

Click to learn more: Adelaide web designers for distilleries and brewers.

Websites for Hotels and Pubs FAQ

How can my hotel website attract more direct bookings?

Securing direct bookings to your hotel website means you don’t lose double-digit commission to OTAs (online travel agencies) or other digital third parties using the cost per click (CPC) model.

But without strong online marketing skills, hotels risk losing visibility on search engine results pages as the big industry players use their financial strength to dominate page one.

Keys to success for direct bookings are:

  1. Get found on search engines. This means fighting the “big boys” where they can’t win – which is local. If you are located in Burra, the only way a US-based OTA should rank higher than you is to buy advertising.
  2. Use your email database. Chances are you have captured emails in a variety of ways and they might sit in a number of different databases, from your accounts software to booking software and perhaps a simple spreadsheet that needs dusting off. You have these emails for a reason – there has been a connection at some stage, so it’s time to revive it.
  3. Offer good deals direct to your database. Make your email campaigns count. The same applies to special offers online. Give people something so good they are tripping over themselves to book. Just don’t send them waffle or they will get into the habit of deleting your emails.

Even if most of your booking is coming from third parties, it’s important to realise that OTA sites are not a one-step process.

While many people use travel aggregator sites for comparison and to hunt for a good deal, data from Fuel and Flip shows that 87% visit hotels’ websites prior to making their final booking.

At this stage, can you convince them to book direct, rather than head back to the agency you pay commission to?

The quality of your web design is a reflection of your establishment. A well-designed website for hotels pubs and restaurants gives people an idea of what they can expect.

That’s why photo galleries are so popular. People trust photos. It begs the question: what is the quality of my images?

Another advantage you have is that OTAs have to follow a templated, cookie cutter approach. There is no opportunity to express the character and true quality of each venue.

Your website, however, should be doing exactly that. Your homepage, promotional landing pages, f&b, rooms etc should all be presented in the best possible manner.

Your website is a sales tool and beautiful images sell. On the flip side, low quality design and poor-quality photos and video will send people to your competitors.

In summary: to attract more direct bookings:

  1. Win on local search
  2. Work your database with great offers
  3. Ensure your website is the best sales tool it can possibly be.

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