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Website Hosting that’s fast, secure and local

Boylen offers a range of hosting solutions based on project size and requirements. Although our preferred provider for hosting is WP Engine and  Amazon Web Services, we have built hosting systems with a wide range of networks including SiteGround, WPWebHost, Bluehost, Synergy, VentraIP and more. 


Website Hosting

Our hosting and management services are high-performing while remaining competitively priced, allowing our clients to have peace-of-mind. 

We offer entry-level solutions right up to multi-tiered CDNs (Content distribution networks) deployed across load balancing servers to guarantee 100% uptime and fast load speeds. 

Each hosting solution is tailored to meet the requirements of our clients including considerations for expected and peak traffic load, seasonal changes, security requirements and more. 

Boylen can also assist with client-managed hosting. 

Hosting solutions, tailored to the needs of your digital requirements.


Security Options

Every website developed by Boylen must include an active SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). This guarantees allowing the encryption and protection of user-submitted data through forms, checkouts or general browsing behaviour.  An SSL certificate also providers browser validation ensuring your websites is known to users as “Secure”.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A web application firewall is critical in protecting websites and servers. It filters your traffic – and blocks malicious behaviour.  A WAF protects web applications from attacks such as cross-site scripting, file inclusions, SQL injections and traffic spam. Many of our clients are moving to WAF-based solutions in response to increasing cyber attacks on sensitive data. 

Database Encryption

Boylen offers Database Encryption services to secure your protected data. Database encryption is the process of using an algorithm to transform stored data in a database into “Ciphertext”. This data cannot be read until it is decrypted. This process ensures that if by some chance your database becomes exposed or accessed by a malicious party, the data cannot be read. 


Google reCAPTCHA is a quickly deployed solution to stop unwanted bot traffic and email spam. This tool helps to identify abusive traffic on a website without stopping any legitimate user visits.  An “I am not a robot” tickbox is the most common form of reCAPTCHA, however there are also hidden solutions that process this step without needing to ask the question. 

Load Balancing

Load balancers are a security measure which reduce the impact of high traffic on a website. When hackers orchestrate overwhelming fake visits to your website, it is known as a denial of service attack. It renders your website inoperable. By using two or more servers, a load balancer distributes traffic across a connected front-end network to reduce CPU load and increase website uptime and speed.  Load balancing is also important in times of peak demand (eg. if you are launching a new product or the Prime Minister has mentioned your website on the national news!)

We pride ourselves on being a partner to our clients. This means we don’t “leave the building” once your project is complete. (We’ve been in business for 32 years, so we understand the importance of continuity.)

24/7 SUpport

Support Portal

Boylen has a 24/7 support helpdesk. Clients have access to an easy-to-use ticketing system that is monitored by our Adelaide-based support staff. This system is set up to assist with queries, questions, issues or bugs and can be accessed by any of our clients. With guaranteed response times and a documented ticketing solution, we ensure that all issues are addressed in a prompt and professional manner. 


eSAMP stands for Easy Support And Maintenance Package. You can pre-purchase a block of 10 hours for the price of nine. If a need for support arises, or you would like an addition or update to your website, you can give us a call, drop us an email, or raise a ticket through our dedicated customer support portal. As an eSAMP client you receive preferential response times.

With eSAMP there is no need for quotes to be raised and approved for minor updates, so your work gets through quicker.( Rest assured we always provide an estimate of the time required first.)

Hours are purchased at a reduced hourly rate and time is deducted in 15-minute increments, resulting in further savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer ongoing website support?

We have a dedicated support department in our Adelaide-based office on Glen Osmond Road. This includes access to our 24/7 online support portal.

So rest assured we are on hand if issues arise – but also know that we prefer to adopt a proactive approach to head off any problems before they occur.

The aim of our website support and maintenance service is to offer a trouble-free experience. This includes backups and security updates.

We recognise that technology changes rapidly and platforms are being continually upgraded. This sometimes creates conflicts (eg. when one of your plug ins or integrations stops ‘talking’ to another).

Our monthly website maintenance plans are designed to anticipate these issues and have solutions in place, in advance.

Do you update my WordPress website when the CMS is updated?

Clients can choose to handle patches and updates themselves, although we recommend you allow us to handle this critical aspect.

Our team ensures that WordPress Core updates are applied as soon as practical.

We also maintain updates and security patching to all required software and services powering Boylen dedicated instances.

WordPress Plugins are updated intelligently with error detection, rollback and alert functions, powered by Smart Plugin Manager and a Boylen Easy Maintenance & Support Package (eSAMP).

We also manage your WooCommerce integration and provide ongoing support.

Can you provide an overview of your hosting and security service?

We offer a range of hosting and security packages, depending on the demands on your website and your threat exposure.

Features include:

  • Enterprise-grade performance & security
  • On-shore in Australia data servers – Sydney Datacentre
  • Google Cloud Platform server hosting
  • Dedicated Instances
  • Compute Optimisation
  • Performance grade SSD Storage
  • Backups, Disaster recovery, and Self-healing failover
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Auto-renewing and incorporated SSL Certificate
  • Edge Level Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Core updates are managed automatically as soon as practical

Additional, recent security improvements include:

  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Conduct daily offpeak scans against industry vulnerability feeds
  • All datasets are encrypted in transit using industry best practice encryption cyphers
  • Advanced DDOS Mitigation (fights back against coordinated attacks by malicious competitors or blackmailers trying to shut you down).

The website hosting solution is managed from our Adelaide office. We maintain updates and security patching to all required software and services powering Boylen dedicated instances.

If you would like to know more – or you have deep-dive technical questions – just ask! Click here.

Do you monitor my website for performance?

We monitor all websites for performance issues.

Clients with a SLA can also choose to receive page performance reporting to increase page speed and conversions by executing page-level performance tests and providing actionable recommendations

Features of our monitoring include:

  • Proactive WordPress monitoring with Application Performance
  • Surface potential problems and optimisations that can help diagnose problems with a site’s user experience or improve site performance
  • Uptime and functionality monitoring to ensure a website and its functions remain up.

How often is my website backed up?

Backups are conducted daily off-peak or on-demand as needed when applying CMS updates.

These backups are replicated across three server zones for maximum resiliency and vendor redundancy.

We retain up to 40 backup points and the solution is powered by Amazon S3.

How often should I review my website security?

Your website security should be “always on”. That means you should have automated processes running that are working to keep out unwanted intruders and that your data is safe.
It’s not a discussion you should have with a web design expert. You need to be speaking with your hosting provider, as well as someone at the developer level who understands security considerations related to CMS systems, SQL injection, cross-site scripting etc. 
A website designer won’t be able to advise you on scanning for malware or installing multi-factor authentication. That’s not their expertise. 
The need for a “24/7” approach can be seen in the media every day. Big: The New York Times is reporting that Uber has been the target of hackers. Small: Earlier this year, malicious parties breached school systems and streamed X-rated material at a college assembly in Victoria. Big: Some 80,000 South Australian public servants have lost private data in a serious government database breach. Small: John Deere says hackers ‘took over’ the screens in one of their tractors (imagine if it had been one a public road, moving between fields? Or harvesting near a river or ravine?)
The lesson is that your website and your data systems are targets, whether you are a large institution, a SME, a small college, a medical practice … it really doesn’t matter.
But nobody has the time to be monitoring their website’s security around the clock. This is why AI-powered tools are now standard to root out and and respond to threats. 
As a minimum, you should have a major review of your website security and your information and security policies.
It makes sense to have “exception reporting” on your weekly staff meeting agenda. In other words, it only gets raised if there’s been an issue.
Monthly questions should be raised in relation to patches and security updates.
Large enterprises should be looking to externally conducted penetration tests. Core Security reports that “according to the 2022 Pen Testing Report, the majority of cybersecurity professionals (42%) run a penetration test once or twice a year”.
If you have any security concerns, please don’t wait to ask us a question. Call now on (08) 8233 9433.

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