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Logo Designers Adelaide

Can you design my logo and what do I need to know?

LOGO DESIGN adelaide

Logo designers in Adelaide

Can you design my logo and what do I need to know?

We’ve been designing logos for 30 years, so “yes”, we would be delighted to work with you to design your new logo.

Our logo design experience has taught us the importance of creating a logo that captures the essence of your organisation. 

When considering logo design Adelaide businesses benefit from Boylen’s years of process experience, and this process starts with gaining a strong understanding of your business and target audiences. Then our graphic designers go to work on developing concepts that reflect your organisation and resonate with your target audience.

LOGO DESIGN adelaide

What makes a great logo is one of the common questions we’re asked. In a nutshell:

  1. A new logo should embrace the power of simplicity.
  2. It captures the essence of your organisation. It is authentic.
  3. It must be highly memorable.
  4. Unless you plan on changing it every few years, it should be relatively timeless.
  5. Distinguishes you from your competitors.
  6. Your logo should also be versatile. It must be able to be scaled without a loss of quality.

From our 30 years of working with companies, schools and other organisations, we have a deep understanding of how to convert your brand essence into a distinctive logo.

Your logo sets the direction for the “look and feel” of all other designs you create, whether that be a website or a brochure.

These designs flow naturally from the new branding.

Reach out to us for an initial conversation and let’s see if our designers are a good fit for your next project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 What lessons can we learn from logo controversies?

Logos are never far from the headlines.

Australia’s KeepCup has sued two companies – Gloria Jean’s and Chatime – for infringing its design copyright.

Red Bull is suing Muggittu di Mamoiada winery for allegedly copying its famous bull logo.

Meta (Facebook) is still fighting a series of legal actions since it adopted its “continuous loop” logo.

Not long after adopting a new look, British company Burberry is changing its logo again. Presumably they got it wrong. That’s expensive, time consuming – and downright embarrassing.

The lessons from these stories? 

  1. At the very least, do some basic research to ensure your logo isn’t going to infringe someone else’s copyright.
  2. Don’t change for the sake of change.
  3. Logos are powerful and sometimes controversial. The larger your company, the higher the stakes. But don’t think that a global company won’t come after you because you’re just a small organisation.
  4. Reject fads. It’s far better to be in touch with your audience. 

 What does the word logo actually mean?

The word logo comes from the ancient Greek word that relates to logotype. It’s a combination of two words – speech and imprint.

So, it’s your personal mark that “speaks” to people about your business.

Many of the very best logos share common traits. The article on this page can help focus your efforts to join that club.

 Should a logo have a slogan?

It’s not essential.

And this is a debate that’s raged between graphic designerslogo designers and marketing managers for years. While some argue that a logo should be simple and straightforward without any additional text, others believe that a slogan can add value to a logo design. 

Starting with the basics, a logo is a symbol that represents a company’s brand identity. It is the face of the brand and should be recognisable and memorable. A well-designed logo can create a lasting impression on the audience and help establish a company’s credibility. However, a logo alone may not always communicate the brand’s message effectively. 

A slogan, on the other hand, is a short phrase that accompanies a logo and conveys the brand’s message or core values. It can help differentiate a brand from its competitors and make it more memorable. Done expertly (think of Nike’s “Just Do It”), a well-crafted slogan can also evoke emotions and create a connection with the audience. 

So, some slogans tell you what a company does, others are a positioning statement (Woolworths – “The Fresh Food People”, while others play to your emotions (L’Oreal – “Because You’re Worth It”.)
While a slogan can enhance a logo’s effectiveness, it should not overpower the logo. The slogan should be concise, easy to remember, and complement the logo design. A long slogan can be overwhelming and confusing. 

A professional logo designer will consider all factors before recommending whether to include a slogan in the logo design. But at the end of the day, it is up to you – the client – to decide what’s best for your organisation.

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