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Best website designers part 2

    We hope you are enjoying our series on the best website designers in Adelaide and the world.

    What list of the best website designers could go past Ethan Marcotte.
    He is one of the great web designers because of his unique approach to design. It is this highly individual and driven approach that has led to his mantle as the inventor of responsive web design, which allows websites to be viewed on any device.
    This has become a “must have” aspect of digital design, as more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet.

    Another reason he makes our list of top website designers is his ability to create simple, yet effective designs. He recognises that “the best designs start with constraints” and uses the challenge to craft award-winning websites that have the hallmark of being clean and minimalist.
    It’s something that resonates with our Boylen website designers in Adelaide. We recognise that design solves problems. 
    “Design is a solution to a problem,” says Ethan. “If you don’t have a problem, then you’re probably not designing.” 
    Keep up the good work, Ethan! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    Jina Anne is the author of Sass for Web Designers, Sexy Web Design, Fancy Form Design and The Art & Science of CSS.
    She’s a UX evangelist, a mentor, has worked as an interactive web designer and can get down and dirty with code. This explains her ethos that “design Systems are more successful with cross-functional skills represented” and the warning to “avoid silos”.
    Did we mention that she also led the CSS architecture team for the Apple Online Store? 
    Jina says: “I enjoy crafting UI with visual design precision … I love all things design systems, style guides, and pattern/component/UI libraries).”

    The San Francisco-based designer has a passion for beauty in design, with an emphasis on the critical elements of “patterns, components, elegant typography”.

    Simplicity and practicality are hallmarks of her work.

    Best website designers part 2

    One of the things we love is her approach to digital design. She’s bursting with wisdom but she doesn’t hold it to herself – she is ultra collaborative. That extends to the discord that can exist between designers and developers.
    “Designers who code and coders who design are able to show their work in exciting ways,” she says.

    “Let’s embrace that.”
    One last bit of advice is that “technology stacks and tools come and go. Be agnostically-minded and future-proof.”

    While we’re being inclusive, let’s drop in a graphic designer. Stefan Sagmeister is a world-renowned graphic designer who has valuable insights into web design.
    There is nobody more scathing of bland websites.
    And never, ever, ask him to use stock photography on a project.
    Check out his website,, which is a exemplifies minimalistic web design and also won an award 
    On his site, Stefan writes about his views on creativity and design, and he shares his insights on how to create stunning visual designs.
    His work is characterised by clean lines and simple, elegant designs. He has a strong belief in the power of simplicity, and his work reflects that philosophy. 
    Stefan is highly sought after by companies all over the world. His clean and clever work has caught the eye of many and it reinforces why some graphic designers can make a real contribution to website design (although this is the exception to the rule).
    A professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he argues that creativity is key in enjoying one’s work. He recommends:

    • taking risks
    • pushing boundaries
    • thinking outside the box. 

    By doing so, not only will work be more enjoyable, but it will also be more successful. 
    In a recent interview, the design icon advised that in order to truly tap into our creativity, designers should regularly take extended vacations.
    He mused that the sabbaticals he takes every few years have helped him to return to work with a much sharper creative eye. Even relatively shorter trips can yield big benefits when it comes to igniting our creative spark.
    In order to be a great designer, Stefan believes that you must have a passion for the arts. He also believes that designers should take risks and experiment with their work. Lastly, he believes that good design should be accessible to everyone.
    If you’re looking for a designer who can create an edgy website, Stefan is a great choice.
    However, his critics say that his work is too wild and creative; they argue that his work is not grounded in reality. He’s been criticised by some for his edgy and controversial designs. However, others have praised him for his creativity and innovative approach to design.

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