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Hotel SA

magazine, copywriting, digital advertising

Hotel SA ranges from complex topics, including political debate, to stories of local community significance.

Hotel SA contains content you cannot find anywhere else. A high-quality magazine, it is written by professional journalists and supplemented with fearless opinion pieces from leading industry figures.

The magazine is emailed by name to owners, managers and decision-makers. During Covid-19 we have moved from bi-monthly to monthly and increased the digital distribution to help hotels navigate the lockdowns.

SA hotels spend over a billion dollars annually. Advertisers include wineries, technology, food, beverage, furniture, builders, equipment, signage, gaming, legal, accounting, architects, solar and energy.

Hotel SA serves business readers in hotels, bars, remote Outback pubs, small city taverns, even smaller country hotels, family enterprises, corporate interests, tourism and accommodation specialists, motels, restaurants, entertainment and sporting operators and many not-for-profits.

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