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Seeley International

Website design, development, seo, api integration, salesforce, dealer portal
Seeley made it clear what they wanted ... A world-class website with the “WOW” factor.

After an exhaustive pitch process, Seeley found a true ‘partner’ in Boylen, and vice versa. What followed was two months of UX and process mapping, that laid the foundations to distil 13 websites into one.

This one site delivers customised content to many different export markets around the globe:  7 regions world-wide, 8 endorsed brands and Seeley International umbrella brand, 4 main technologies, 7 different categories across 2 main channels. Most importantly, it gives Seeley “eyes” into the sales process, from start to finish. Linked to a broader digital transformation project, this level of transparency is a game changer.

Results extend far beyond sales and marketing. For example, a new user interface has seen a 300% improvement in online warranty completion.

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