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"Boylen is a true partner in elevating our digital presence to international standards.”

Gerald Lipman, CEO, ICHM

This is the story of a partnership extending over 28 years. From logo redesign, web development, print and video editing, our challenge has been to stay one step ahead of the College's competition.

Over the years (decades, actually) the College has asked Boylen to undertake many different roles.


We have recently launched the stunning new College Prospectus and we are constantly designing new posters, brochures, ads, invitations etc as part of the global marketing strategy.

As digital has become more dominant, our team has continually redesigned and redeveloped the ICHM website to ensure it is attractive to young people across more than 40 overseas markets.

All work is judged by international standards and must align with the organisation's evolving mesaging - both visual and written.

Our current services have included:

  • graphic and digital design
  • software programming
  • script writing
  • ad copy
  • creative direction
  • editing of video testimonials
  • translations
  • SEO.
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In 2013, we undertook a ‘warts and all’ assessment of ICHM’s digital presence. It revealed that website visitors were trying to sift through too much content to find what they are looking for.

The mobile user experience was not keeping pace with technology. Messaging was either weak or inconsistent and the design needed to be more attractive for diverse international audiences.

ICHM required Boylen to be nimble as it manoeuvred to stay ahead of better resourced global competitors.

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The process started with a comprehensive website audit, as well as competitor website analysis. The findings were matched against ICHM’s goals and the gaps became clear.

User journeys and key messaging were subsequently simplified to focus on:

  • the superior career path that can be achieved with an ICHM degree
  • fun student lifestyle in Adelaide.

Our strategy focused on a data-centric approach, rather than an visual-driven focus. Data collection methods such as heat mapping, user journey recording and conversion tracking allowed us to improve the usability and systematically increase the conversion rate of the site.

The design is consistent across all platforms and devices, and reflects current contemporary web design trends. The mobile user experience was improved by implementing swipe and touch gestures and a screen/resolution adjustment to make it more user friendly for mobile and tablet devices.

Boylen Projects

Testimonials and social proofing from past students are strategically placed to improve conversions.

For international students, an agent location module makes it easy to locate an agent in their region.

A Gold SEO package was implemented to ensure that ICHM’s impressive search engine rankings were maintained during the website transition period, and then improved upon.

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“We had our highest enrolment figures on record. There are many reasons for this but one is undoubtedly the quality of our online marketing. This is continually evolving and Boylen is a true partner in elevating our digital presence to international standards, with a focus on attracting enrolments.”

Gerald Lipman, CEO, ICHM

As of August 2019, a new website is under construction. Without giving away secrets, it will feature bold, contemporary design, with more authentic imagery and tone of voice.

As part of that strategy, we're moving further away from the "institutional" feel that typifies many tertiary educators - and dialling up the sense of fun. Using movement and large imagery, the site will exudethe vibrant ICHM experience and lifestyle. 

Of course behind the scenes it's all work! For example:

  • the College's workflows are being further updated and integrated into the website
  • refined application process to improve conversion rate
  • sophisticated tracking to measure, review and refine
  • smart API integrations so the site works seamlessly with Hubspot and JobReady
  • improved dynamic content to assist site adminstrators (eg the list of overseas agents can now be updated in one place and it is automatically changed everywhere).



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