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Marion Hotel


The Marion Hotel sits at the intersection of funky and functional.

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What you see with this site is a dramatic departure from the more conservative branding and tone previously adopted by hotels within the Hurley Hotel Group.

The design mirrors the hotel’s $20 million transformation: it’s bold, oozing quality yet funky, quirky and eclectic.

We have to admit that the buzz surrounding the project really got into our blood and the very first set of design concepts received instant acceptance.

Of course, we didn’t want it to simply look “pretty”; it had to be clever …. It had to convert. It had to work!

So we’ve kept the Marion website quite small; it’s been stripped back to the essentials and that makes it a breeze to navigate across all devices.

Calls to action are strong and consistent site, employing a distinctive green block with white writing, set against a white background.

Matching the site’s “stripped back” approach is the content. It’s lean and fun. It tells you what you need to know with the fewest words possible – but makes you laugh, too! Hats off to Elly Deegan and her team at the Hurley Group on nailing the text.

When you combine the design, content, ease of navigation and clear calls to action, with the magnificent hotel itself, it’s no wonder that management’s aspirational annual goals (KPIs) were hit in the first few weeks.

Yup, it’s a smash hit!

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At the start of the project we opened communications with all third-party software vendors. The last thing you need is a glitch with booking software on launch day. The website integrates with:

  • Accommodation (Siteminder, since upgraded to Sabre Systems)
  • Three separate dining areas (The Fork)
  • The sports bar (Game On)
  • Event ticketing (Sticky Tickets)
  • Loyalty program (TalkBox).
Boylen Projects

A real challenge was being relevant to a diverse range of audiences. There aren’t many hotels in Adelaide that combine a sophisticated suburban pub with top tier accommodation. User testing helped ensure that the site is a good user experience for a wide range of target groups, including fun-lovers, local families, business travelers and tourists.

One technique we’ve employed is internationally recognisable iconography – decked out in the Marion green – to ensure everyone quickly gets the message without reading a word. From someone organising a 21st birthday party or corporate function, to a 65-year-old making an online booking for a room and dinner, the whole digital experience is intuitive and easy.

And if you haven’t been to the Marion, put it on your bucket list for 2020. It ticks all the boxes. And we reckon it will win Hotel of the Year!

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