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Seeley made it clear what they wanted ... A world-class website with the “WOW” factor.

Seeley International

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After an exhaustive pitch process, Seeley found a true ‘partner’ in Boylen, and vice versa. What followed was two months of UX and process mapping, that laid the foundations to distil 13 websites into one.

This one site delivers customised content to many different export markets around the globe:  7 regions world-wide, 8 endorsed brands and Seeley International umbrella brand, 4 main technologies, 7 different categories across 2 main channels. Most importantly, it gives Seeley “eyes” into the sales process, from start to finish. Linked to a broader digital transformation project, this level of transparency is a game changer.

Results extend far beyond sales and marketing. For example, a new user interface has seen a 300% improvement in online warranty completion.

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects

From a brand consistency and a staff resourcing viewpoint, having 13 different websites – each on their own different CMS – had become very costly and an ineffective way of marketing their operations. 

The project started with an eight-week process of analysing market research and existing online data, and mapping this against the ideal online journeys for different target audiences.

The scale of the project filled several whiteboards! At launch, we turned off 13 independent websites, and the one brand new website encompassed all of the brands under the Seeley corporate banner which are sold via multiple channels and in countries across The Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Oceanic region. 

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects

The project team selected three distinct user journeys. The ‘trick’ was to make it a seamless experience no matter where a visitor was in the world. This covered  the way the site displays the relevant brands, products, contact details and information for each specific region around the globe.

All this had to be handled automatically. It also had to be scalable, so that staff could add new products and quickly be able to nominate how they displayed in each overseas country.

Key Project Features:

Salesforce Integration
Get a Quote from various Dealers
Book a Service
Register a product for Warranty
Apply for a Promotion / Cashback
Find a Dealer
Help Me Choose
Dealer Dashboard for Lead Management
Continuous Improvement Plan
Hosting & Support

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects

Transparency is another big win with the new online solution. Points of data capture are dictated by the user journeys that were clearly articulated at the start of the project. Seeley can now better understand the customer experience and make informed decisions to match

The sales journey moves on to enquiries for a quote and the selection of an authorised dealer through the Find A Dealer tool. Dealers are able to manage their jobs and communicate with the customer through a secure portal. 

From its perspective, Seeley International can track each enquiry, from the quote to the point of purchase and registration of the product. This is an incredibly powerful management and tracking tool.

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects

The website and online tools were part of a much larger project. We worked with the marketing and IT teams using Agile methodologies to keep the project moving.

Aesthetically, the previous sites had quite a dated look and feel overall. And because there were 13 separate websites, each ‘doing its own thing’, the brands suffered from a lack of consistent identity.

While more difficult to achieve than the originally requested three-site solution, the one site presents a unified family of brands under Seeley International’s umbrella brand. 

There are subtle yet clear differences between commercial, residential and corporate pathways, including colour coding tied to the company’s colours.

The use of full width, responsive templates, frequent use of video and high-impact imagery works to enhance the user experience. Small aspects such as motion on call to actions (hover states), auto-play video and filters, all work with the clear user pathways to ease users along the sales journey.

"Boylen did everything we asked of them and more. When there were challenges, they moved quickly to rectify them and always went above and beyond what was required. Seeley has found a true partner in Boylen."

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