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Size Music

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Size Music is South Australia’s largest instrument hire company. Constantly evolving for more than 30 years, it required an e-commerce platform that , as the jokers in our office put it, “pulled out all the stops”.

Size has two sites: one for instrument rentals which we are currently redesigning, and another for the sales of instruments and sheet music.

The website benefits from a very complex integration with Google Merchant Centre and uses WooCommerce to its full capability. 

Andrew Size puts it best, when he says music is the rhythm that stirs the soul. The challenge for our web design team is to capture that sense of magic.


Size Music’s original site had aged and was looking outdated, as all websites eventually do. It was not “responsive” across all platforms - especially mobile - and business results were suffering as a result.

The real challenge for the Boylen and Size teams was developing a new sales-only site. This website required the complex synchronisation with a third party to provide visitors up-to-date access to more than 700 instruments and accessories and 100,000 music books.

Did we say it was complex? It was a highly demanding requirement that required ‘heavy lifting’ by our coding team to get it to work.

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Size Music's e-commerce solutions use WordPress and every single extension in WooCommerce. These include Google Product feed, memberships, Smart Coupons, integration of the Stripe Payment gateway, Table Rate Shipping, WOOF Products Filter, UPC, EAAN and ISBN. Whew!

Size now has a secure and simple solution to manage ongoing online subscriptions. The entire process has been custom designed to build trust for the consumer, giving a sense of security when they make the purchase.

A user can sign up and order online. They can also manage active subscriptions via the website. The good news for Size Music staff is that the system handles the ongoing payment process for recurring subscriptions, until the instrument is returned.

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The site is maintained with an ongoing Boylen Support Plan, which allows for ongoing reviews and assistance. We regularly run an independent auditing tool across the site  to ensure it is optimised for users and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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