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Puppy Proof – What more do you need?

    If you can sell puppies and a person’s virginity online, why isn’t your business or organisation embracing this growth channel?  Come on over to the Boylen blog to read about puppies, products and that other wonderful “p” word – profit.

    Puppies are proof you need to be taking ecommerce more seriously.

    Ferraris too!

    In an economy of lacklustre growth, your own business growth is likely to come from online sources.  If you think “We can’t sell our product/service/thing online” you need to  open your eye to what other people are doing … and what they are doing is incredible. There is nothing people will not buy online.

    • People buy puppies online! Think about it … think about your puppy buying habits of a decade ago. Today, consumers purchase movie tickets, flowers and wine online. They buy watches and gold. And they buy the family pet the same way too.
    • A few years ago, three Ferraris were bought using a mobile phone. That’s nothing compared to the $40 million jet and the $140 million yacht that have been sold online.
    • You can even buy live ladybugs for your garden – and have them delivered to your door. At the other end of the spectrum, you can buy fake urine for drug tests, available right here in Adelaide.
    • People have auctioned off their virginity.

    Not that long ago, an electrician suggested we stop buying expensive light globes from an Anzac Highway store and buy them cheaply from China via AliExpress. Yes, light bulbs!


    The three main barriers to trialling ecommerce are fear, vision and lack of time.

    Some business owners are so busy carving out a profit that they have little time to consider ecommerce as an option, they have limited understanding of the possibilities – and they fear making an expensive mistake in an area out of their comfort zone.

    Let’s address each one:

    1. Time. If you can afford 30 minutes, a switched on web specialist can quickly assess your business and tell you what other people in your sector are doing.
    2. The price of implementing an ecommerce solution. This often comes up in conversations with business people: “It’s very expensive, isn’t it?” It was two decades ago when each online shop was custom built from scratch. Today it’s not. There are many options, ranging from shared solutions to open source plug ins that are highly cost effective and good value.
    3. Vision – or lacking the ability to see what could be monetised through online sales. Yet nobody expects you to be great at everything. And as with point one, a web consultant can give you ideas to help start you on the journey.

    Quite frankly, the alternative is too awful to think about. In a world of constant change, you may soon face being left behind and becoming obsolete. Losing your customers, losing your clients, losing your membership …  making a loss and closing your doors.

    Now, I don’t want to finish on that negative note. So here’s the upside. Change is best viewed as opportunity. Find someone you can trust. Get their advice – but make your own decisions. Ecommerce is a growth opportunity. For many companies it is an awe-inspiring revenue stream with good profit margins. So seize it!

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