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Adelaide podcast production specialist, Boylen, offers you a complete solution.

From planning, interviewing and editing, to uploading your audio to all major podcast sites, our Adelaide podcast services team takes care of every element of the project for you.

With clients such as SA Health and the Australian Hotels Association, rest assured we have the experience and expertise. The outcome will be premium quality, delivered within your deadlines.

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Adelaide Podcasting Services FAQ

What podcasting equipment do you use?

Now you’re asking us to give away all of our secrets!
Seriously though, we upgrade our equipment every few years so that we are using the best quality broadcast technology available.
Currently, the core of our setup consists of Rode, which offers a variety of benefits including quality. 
We are able to set up multiple microphones so that our Adelaide podcasting experts c an interview more than one person. If it’s a one-to-one interview our interviewers have the experience to monitor recording levels to ensure we are achieving the best input possible.
Where we interview several people at once, we may use a qualified sound engineer to manage the levels so that our interviewer can focus 100% on the conversation. 
Best Podcast and Audio Production Adelaide
One of the things that sets Boylen apart is the ability to come to you anywhere in South Australia with high-quality podcasting equipment to give you the best quality audio recording.
We can set up anywhere you want. That might be in a boardroom or at a school, with the sounds of students filtering through to provide the right ambience if that’s the effect you want.
Even if we come to you and there is some background noise, we can use mics that only pick up sounds within centimetres of the microphone. During the editing process we can also pull down the levels of background noise or, if you like, increase them (eg. so that the sounds of the environment do come through). 
We’ve even prepared podcasts in makeshift rooms that were hastily set up during Covid. So it’s your choice.
We will always advise you on your options, and the pros and cons of each setting but don’t feel restricted in anyway 
Boylen’s Adelaide podcast services are staffed by locals who are always happy to provide you with advice.

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