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Adelaide SEO – quality or quantity?


SEO: quality or quantity?

The factors affecting SEO (or search engine optimisation) are ever-changing as Google adapts its ranking criteria to rank websites higher in the search results when they provide the best user experience.

A common discussion surrounding SEO is that of quality vs quantity.

Google rewards both – but generally quality wins out. To elaborate on this, a site with high levels of traffic will do well and a site with a high number of backlinks can also be expected to rank high.

But – and it’s a big but – if you have low quality traffic that hits your site and leaves quickly, Google will see you high bounce rate figures and penalise your site. Similarly, if your backlinks come from known backlinks factories and if they have no relevance to the content of your site (locality, subject matter etc), then you will not reap the full benefits.

By contrast, an Adelaide business website with less traffic that has an audience that is highly engaged and stays on the site and clicks on conversion points, will be rewarded. So too will a site that has fewer backlinks of very high quality and relevance. That’s why you need a SEO specialist.

Understanding SEO

The good news is that you can undertake an entry-level SEO campaign yourself. However, there are many ranking factors to take into consideration when creating an SEO friendly page so it is also worth taking the time to learn basic HTML. For example, knowing how to write a good page title is the first way you can start focusing on improving SEO in your page through HTML tags.


People find the task of acquiring backlinks to be difficult. The best way to break it down is the more links a site has that come from other, widely used, popular sites, the higher the SEO ranking will be. However, links from poor SEO sites or less popular pages can actually decrease your website score. There comes the quality vs quantity debate. Which is better, having thousands of links and not monitoring where they come from or having a few hundred links from quality sites that are being monitored by both parties? Both will generate traffic to your site however if you want consistent buyers, leads or subscribers you need links and content that will attract them and keep coming back for more.

SEO Quantity

Quantity does have its place in SEO. You do want high levels of traffic, especially when compared to your competitors. Winning with more terms ranking on page one of Google is also good for business. Other ways to increase SEO through quantity could be increasing the keywords in the Meta-HTML tag and by using alt words on images found throughout your site. These can obviously help however this requires constant attention and updating and will take a considerable amount of your time.

Quality Content

People appreciate good quality content. When you do high quality research, writing and videoing, you are going to be answering questions that people search about and, therefore, this will generate interest in your website … and generate repeat visitors to your website.

In Closing

Quality SEO is more effective and will get you better results, traffic, leads or whatever it is you are looking for from your content, in the long term. The good thing about working online and providing content is that it can be changed and optimised to work better for you. So if you have started with a “quantity approach”, you can change course and create quality content and links in the future.

Final Quality Tip: A hallmark on generating quality content is good use of keywords. When deliberately inserting keywords into your text, try to find ones that are used naturally in the content you are providing. This will ensure that you use keywords effortlessly and will not come across as keywords being placed for the sake of SEO.

Talking with someone helps make sense of it all. Please feel free to make contact with us. We’re always happy to help.

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