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Google Analytics


Good SEO needs Google Analytics

How and why should you set up Google Analytics?

Before we get to the steps involved in setting up a Google Analytics (GA) account, let’s have a look at what it is and why it is important.

GA is a free tool that lets you measure and analyse your website traffic. No website should be built without it.

It lets you see website data in tables and graphs. It guides your SEO marketing.

At a basic level you can see how much traffic you have received over a given time period, how it is trending, what country they have come from, what device they used (eg. smartphone) etc. The medium metric offers great insights into how you are getting visitors; are they coming from organic search (free Google search results), are they people coming direct to your site by typing in your details, perhaps it is via your social media marketing efforts or through your company’s paid advertising.

You can see how long people stay on your site – and the percentage of people that leave almost immediately (bounce rate).

More sophisticated users can track Goal Conversion, User Experience and how your customers are interacting with your ecommerce website.

All of this data can be overwhelming.

The key is to know what are the important drivers for your business. Then you can measure, set benchmarks and goals, and execute a search engine optimisation plan to improve your website performance.

To set it up, click here:  Google Analytics Set Up Steps.

Your website design and marketing agency will also be able to handle this task for you.

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