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Why most Adelaide logo designers are missing the point

    Adelaide logo designers fall into two groups. The limited number of professionals that treat your business as unique (Boylen sits in that group). And the logo factories that are the ‘kings of clone’. Here’s how to tell the difference.

    A creative yet hard working logo is a one-time investment that will hopefully be with you for decades to come. 
    If you are in the process of designing – or redesigning – a logo, do everything you can to make it memorable.
    The truth is that bland logos do not stand out from the crowd. And that’s a major problem in Adelaide at the moment, with people treating logo creation like a sausage factory, where existing logos are altered (often by AI) and passed off as unique. They aren’t – they’re bland. The way to avoid this is to do your research – and talk to a local logo designer (such as Maddie in our Adelaide design studio). You’ll soon get a sense of whether or not they ‘know their stuff’. 
    Here are a few tips:

    1. Avoid online solutions. Generally they are machine-generated designs. You can probably find a free tool online to do that, if that’s what you are after or you don’t have the funds.  A creative logo is a visual representation of your company, brand, or business. You must be able to articulate your “ethos” with a logo designer. That’s why using a local Adelaide logo designer makes sense. You can sit down together and “talk it out”. That process helps our designer form a brief that people sometimes struggle with.
    2. Your logo must have the ability to catch people’s attention and appeal to their senses. It is your first impression to the world and plays an important role in establishing your brand identity. But does it go a step further? Is it something people will remember and associate with your company, product or service for years to come? A graphic designer brings human talent to your project. They are seeking that “Ah-ha!” moment when inspiration strikes. That doesn’t happen when a designer just enters into a logo creator the words “blue” and “square” and the name of your organisation.
    3. Many award-winning logo designs stop you in your tracks, even if you’ve never seen the brand. People often look twice at the FedEx logo because it has a hidden arrow in the lettering between the “E” and “X”. (By the way, that logo is 28 years old, so it has stood the test of time.)
    1. Test your logo concepts to see if your target audiences associate it with the feelings you want to evoke in the world.
    2. Next, test it to learn whether or not people quickly comprehend the message you are trying to communicate. For example, the Formula 1 logo denotes speed. The Boylen + logo tells people that there is more to Boylen – and that’s why we have a plus sign.
    3. The problem with online logo shops – where you buy a mass produced version of a logo – is that they are not unique, not memorable but tragically, they do not reflect your core values. We use the word “tragedy” because a logo is is one of the most important branding elements for any organisation. Even the growing use of Adobe Creative to achieve “express” logos isn’t doing the right thing by you, the client.

    What’s Next?
    If you go to the branding page on our website, there’s a great FAQ on the 10 Factors That Make A Logo Great. We discuss some of the most important aspects to consider when  designing a logo, so that you can make informed decisions.

    Or get in touch if you would like our Adelaide logo design studio to provide you with a fixed price quote.

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