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Yes, it is a competition

    Competition is not a dirty word. It makes us better, stronger, faster. Isn’t that how you’d like your business to be in the future? Our latest short blog talks about competition, realistic goals and achieving amazing returns on your efforts.

    As you commute each day, do any businesses catch your eye? Or do they blend together, a homogenous offering in an overcrowded market?

    In a previous blog onmarketing, I touched on the need to go past the basics of having a website, calls to action and analysing your stats. To stand out in the overpopulated online community, you need to be found. And to be found, you need to be able to win in the Google search engine results competition.

    Yes, it is a competition. Type in a word at random and see how many companies are advertising on the search results page. For example, type in “office chairs”. If this is your space and you are located in Adelaide (South Australia), you have 15 competitors advertising on the first page of Google.

    The unpaid organic results in the top positions are there because they pay for professional SEO services.  (That’s not a guess, we know that for a fact.)

    Purple Cow:link this to previous blog please the link here is that you have to not only rank on page one, you have to stand out. For an online advertiser, that might mean paying more for AdWords so that you get the best position. Or it might necessitate writing more compelling advertising copy to get people to click on your advertisement, rather than the next ad which is offering a huge discount.

    The results can be staggering. We have seen online bookings quadruple for one client. Another client measured the number of people calling as a result of their ad: 28 in one week, which was beyond their wildest dreams.

    Another client used e-commerce principles to STOP people ringing. What they need could now be accessed online and it effectively meant that the role of one person was freed up to work on more productive tasks.

    We aren’t talking about becoming a Facebook billionaire overnight. Those success stories truly are one in a billion. However, your dreams and aspirations of growing, of doubling in size, of tripling your incoming calls … those goals are eminently within your grasp.

    Need help? That’s what we do.


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