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A bespoke application, capturing data in remote Indigenous communities.

Flinders University


“This is incredibly worthwhile work and Boylen is proud to be involved.”

Boylen has been involved in a variety of projects with Flinders University over a 27-year period. These range from cutting-edge digital, to content production and design services, and includes app development.

Currently we are mapping out version 2.0 of a highly successful iPad-based app which staff take into the field to capture data in Indigenous communities. Significantly, the app is presented in the indigenous Pitjantjatjara language, both in written and audio formats.

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects

“The Problem Gambling Severity Index (is) a tool for estimating a person's risk of gambling problems and, consequently, harm.”  (ABC News)

The app is for Australian Indigenous Problem Gambling Index (AIPGI) field research. It allows an interviewer to pose a series of multiples choice questions, each with four answers, and record the results. 

The questions and answers are presented in the indigenous Pitjantjatjara language, and they are also available as audio. 

If an internet connection is available, the results of the interview are uploaded and stored in a database. If no connection is available, the result/s are stored locally on the device, until such time as a connection becomes available. 

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects

Boylen's design team designed the entire application interface.

It was important that they created a fresh, colourful and friendly looking application. The result is easy to read and navigate for the people conducting the survey and the Indigenous people being surveyed. The colour scheme and font complemented the existing branding contained in the Staying Strong Toolkit.

Audio elements are clearly represented by internationally recognised icons.

Boylen Projects

A critical component of ongoing success is the capacity for continuous development. The team at Flinders has a clear vision for the future, including automation of scores and an improved data transfer process.

This is incredibly worthwhile work and Boylen is proud to be involved.

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