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Web design Adelaide, SEO and content specialists.

Boylen is an Adelaide-based web development, design, and marketing agency. We help organisations achieve breakthrough results.

We work across a wide range of sectors, from colleges and schools, ASX-listed export companies and household names, through to dentists, hotels, lawyers, business services, small businesses, start-ups ... you get the picture.

Boylen's uniquely Adelaide web design services are mobile-first, making sure that you are converting visitors into customers on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Our web design and development solutions give you maximum control over your website. You can add pages, edit existing content, upload images and video etc. It's not only easy, it's immediate!  To protect your branding, we can also restrict areas of the site that should only be changed by key staff.

30 years in business has taught us that no two projects are alike. The technology might be similar but your stories and goals are unique. We're very flexible to accommodate those needs.

People are often surprised by how much we do. As a full service creative agency, we provide a broad range of services from web design, graphic design, photography and content creation, to complex web development, SEO and podcasts.

A dedicated team will work with you from planning to launch.  Anytime you need to check, our software lets you see where your project is at. And long after you've launched your new or redesign website design, we'll be with you with Adelaide-based support, and continuous improvement plans.

Clients include SA Film Corporation, Seeley International, Mighty Craft, Raytheon and Minelab. We partner with over 90 schools, with dentists, doctors and and medical specialists, hotels, retailers and law firms … to name just a few.

Boylen Projects
Boylen Projects

We do more than you think...

  • Digital Strategy 
  • Web and systems development
  • Data analysis and user experience (UX) mapping 
  • Branding and design
  • Rich content solutions
  • Digital marketing: SEO, SEM, SMM, LAM
  • Social Media advertising and organic management
  • OpenSource and Proprietary CMS platforms options
  • Custom application development and complex integrations
  • High security, fully managed hosting and custom hosting infrastructure
  • Advertising design: digital ads and print ads
  • Collateral design and print
  • Podcasts - clients such as SA Health, EML/AHA etc. Click the link below for an example of our work.

Thirty years in business. Yep, 30!

There's no substitute for experience. 

Boylen is one of the top website design companies in Adelaide. Our friendly team works with clients across South Australia, and in Melbourne and Sydney, too.

Whether its a digital strategy, a mobile-responsive website, ecommerce or SEO, there's a good chance we do it.

So if you’re large or small, need an Adelaide eCommerce storefront designer, or an online advertising campaign to attract new business … our full-service agency is ready to deliver.

Digital Agency Services FAQs

What is digital benchmarking?

A digital benchmarking project will typically rate your website and marketing activities against immediate competitors, or the best companies in Adelaide, Australia or globally

Smaller companies may want a simple report of a few pages. Large companies normally need comprehensive data and such reports are considerably larger.

The basics are:

  • Insight into the online activities of your competitors
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • How you rate against rivals in target audience searches
  • Advice on the keywords to target for content development 

Click here if you like to see a redacted example of an in-depth digital benchmarking project.

Are simple websites really more effective?

There is a strong body of evidence that shows that simplicity is critical in effective website design.

For example, it was referenced in the research study Website design: Viewing the web as a cognitive landscape: “… the implications of these results reinforce what many site designers have tried to articulate: make it simple" (Abdi Meftuhuu, Journal of Business Research 2014 p. 793).

The crucial thing to understand is that simple does not mean plain and it does not mean simplistic (lacking in strategy).

Comparing various approaches, the research cited above stated “adopting a minimalistic approach to the design of the home page with eye-catching but appropriate graphics and categories that draw the web surfer further into the site appears to be more effective.

“Web design should not result in information overload. The goal, rather, should be to give access to the information web surfers’ desire in the most expedient way possible.

“Hence, the design goal should be access not abundance.”

Look at the Apple Store. The design is simple but powerful. It is easy to navigate and shopping is a breeze. The white space allows the products to leap off the page.

Simple? Yes. Simplistic? No.

What are five things to consider in a content management system?

  1. It must be easy to use it. If you have to run to your website design agency to make most changes, it becomes very expensive. Test drive it first. See how easy it is to set up a new web page, edit text, add a new photo and change metadata
  2. Is it secure? If you are having several agencies pitch for your work, don’t accept what they say about CMS systems they don’t work with. All CMS systems become insecure if users don’t update them with security patches etc. Do your own research.
  3. Availability of training. In person. If you can’t find a local person to train you, it means you shouldn’t choose that CMS. It’s a sign that too few people use it and you will get locked in. (That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a large, international CMS. Such a system should have tens of thousands of people around the world that can help you. Google “(CMS name) + Adelaide” and see if there are plenty of local companies listed. 
  4. Prompt support. (Ideally locally, in Adelaide.) Some content management systems are poorly resourced. On behalf of a new client with an older website, we worked with a US-based support centre recently and they took five days to reply – and only after we chased them up several times. 
  5. If a new person joins your team and wants you to switch to a new CMS, move ahead cautiously. Can it grow with your business? Is it advanced – or just something the new person is used to? Ask your IT person if it will ‘play nicely’ with your systems. We once went through four weeks of discussions with a client about a proposed new CMS, trying to explain its inability to take on sophisticated e-commerce as the company grew (which is did). It wasn’t until the client’s IT department entered the conversation and canned the new system that sanity prevailed. 

Boylen works with a range of content management systems. We're always happy to discuss the pros and cons of each, and what best suits your needs. Let's talk! 

How can you give us more control over our website?

Absolutely. You should have the ability to make most of the changes you want to – and we only use content management systems (CMS) that are user friendly.

For example, the ability to add pages, add or delete text and images, insert videos, write new blogs, place new products, adjust shipping rates etc would be standard.

Here’s a rough sequencing of how we set this up:

  1. Before development starts, we will agree with you what areas can be changed by your team.
  2. You may wish to lock down certain elements such as your branding, so that a staff member can’t change colours, fonts etc. In this case, you would use Boylen to make these changes because they are “hard coded”.
  3. We will set up tiered permissions, so that some members of your team have the ability to make changes on their own, while other staff can make draft changes but these don’t go live until it is approved by an administrator.
  4. Before your website goes live, you will receive personal training specific to your site.
  5. You will also receive a digital guide that is updated as your website evolves.
  6. Ongoing training is always available through our Support Desk. It’s valuable as a refresher for existing staff and invaluable for the induction of new staff.

How hard is it to move our website to you?

Technically, it’s not difficult to move your current website across to Boylen.

At the business level, which can get personal, most Adelaide web design companies cooperate in a professional manner. You own your website and you are paying your current vendor for their services.

The process to move you across to Boylen is:

1.     We agree on the best hosting plan and charges.

2.     You provide access to your current hosting environment to perform the migration. It can vary slightly but normally we would ask for a link, username and password.

3.     We also require access to the DNS for the domain name, or you will need to perform a DNS update after the website migration.

4.     If the DNS is with another third party (eg. an IT provider) we can assist and liaise with them if needed.

In fact, if you prefer that we deal direct with your current website development company for all aspects of the move, we are happy to handle it for you.

Our Adelaide-based Support team is on hand to help every step of the way. When it comes time to update your website design or undertake a complete new website development, you will be assigned one of our experienced project managers.

Let’s get you started!

How is a good user experience directly linked to profit and other measures of success?

The numbers don’t lie. When you design a great user experience (UX), people will click where you want them to click and spend on what you are offering.

Here we present “UX by the numbers”.

User experience and repeat business

Customers who have the best experiences are liable to spend up to 140% more than those with poor experiences.

Even better, they remain with you for nearly six times as long.

That’s the good news from research company Medallia, which undertook a study to quantify the “the impact of customer experience on future spending behaviour”.

“Mediocre” is an ugly word

IBM analysis shows that to stay competitive, it is critical to provide a good digital experience for your customers.

However, it reports “the digital experience is still mediocre”.

For example, only 18% of people say their experiences using websites or mobile apps on smartphones are “excellent”.

This provides a great business opportunities if you can join the 18%.

What Are Others Doing?

To recap: a great customer experience brings people back and feeds a healthy bottom line.

That’s why 95% of companies are planning to increase their investments in their “online channels” (Econsultancy research).

Where will their spend go? Here are some common answers:

  • Fixing their website to make it “responsive”. This means the content adapts according to whether it is being viewed on a phone, iPad or desktop computer.
  • Creating fresh content about their company and the issues that are important in their sector. This usually come in the form of a blog. Companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads than their competitors. (ContentPlus,)
  • Improved navigation (including better ‘findability’).
  • Investing in their online reputation (think reviews).

Mobile design experience 

More than half of the people searching for a business in their local area, do so on a mobile device.

If they get grumpy with your site (for example, they can’t read the text because it’s designed for a desktop screen), then Google says the majority will leave immediately and probably head for a competitor’s site.

But if your mobile website works a treat, “a user is 67% more likely to buy a product or use a service”.

So even if your website design is responsive and it reorganises its layout to suit the device, does it really offer a great experience on a small screen. When did you last check? When did you last get someone to complete a key task on your mobile site? Or your elderly mother with below average computing skills?

There’s a difference between ticking the box that says “Website must be responsive”, and actually honing it to provide a first rate, well designed user experience on a phone screen.

Get In Touch         

If you would like to know more you can:

Call (08) 8233 9433

Email us here

Visit our web design and digital marketing studio at 288 Glen Osmond Road.

Can you integrate our software with a new website?

Yes we can. Provided we can access your software’s API, your new website will integrate with a wide range of third-party tools including:

  • Bookings and appointment technology
  • Medical practice management software
  • School systems
  • Salesforce etc
  • Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
  • Storefront
  • Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager
  • Enquiry Tracker
  • Gravity Forms
  • YouTube
  • Photo / Video Galleries
  • Microsoft 365
  • News modules
  • Resource plugins
  • Third party embed (Graphs, animations, media, forms).

If in doubt, just ask us and we can check to see what interaction is possible.

How do I improve our dental practice's website and branding?

We have been working in medical marketing for 30 years.

The best websites for dentists combine beautiful aesthetics with pathways that lead to conversion points (such as Book An Appointment).

Our team can help you make sense of the data you already have (but may not fully understand; for example, from Google Analytics). We add our experience of what works for dental practices and show you emerging trends to help future proof your site.

By designing and developing the best online experience for your patients, your website will maximise opportunities to gain new clients and promote repeat appointments.

Our Adelaide-based graphic designers are available to review your practice branding. This is a very personal process and we think you’ll love working with Maddie, our lead design. She’s smart, sensitive to your needs and incredibly creative.

Whether you need a new practice logo, an ongoing SEO campaign or Google Ads, Boylen’s dental website design and dental practice marketing delivers an excellent patient experience.

This experience is evidence-based. We guide new patients to conversion points and use techniques such as social proofing (Google reviews etc) to build trust, so that the online visitor feels confident making a booking.

Click here to learn more about how we can significantly improve your dental marketing strategies.

We specialise in Strategy, Web and systems development, Data analysis and user experience (UX) mapping, Branding and design, Rich content solutions, Digital marketing: SEO, SEM, SMM, LAM, OpenSource and Proprietary CMS platforms options, Custom application development and complex integrations, High security, fully managed hosting and custom hosting infrastructure

We'd love to work with you and your team.

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